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In your opinion, what would you say is the best Retro Metroid title? It is the hardest choice in your gaming life. There is so many great titles... Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Prime, or Metroid Prime 2? Take your time, think closely about each game, play them all over again if you have to! I would say Metroid Prime is absolutely gold. I believe there is three fan favorites in the series: Metroid Prime, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion. I'll take a look at the comments every weekday and I'll try to find out what NL members think is the king (or queen given that you play a female protagonist) of Metroid's past.



Super its the only one I really liked haven't played them all mind you.



Reala wrote:

Super its the only one I really liked haven't played them all mind you.

Neither had I, but I heard some o these were true blockbusters, I played Metroid NES, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, & Metroid Prime 2.



I adore Metroid Prime. The gameplay, the atmosphere, just...perfect. And the graphics, like this was mindblowing stuff in 2002. The rain on the visor or after getting out of water, it's one of the only times I can remember having my mouth agape playing a game, and the only time in terms of graphics. Cmon Retro, make more games already. Please.

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My first Metroid game, my favorite Metroid game and my favorite game of all time are Metroid Prime Hunters. I love its atmosphere, crafted through a strong interlocking of elements such as the lore, music and environmental details, and its ambiguity, allowing me to put myself not just behind the visor but also well beyond it. As I replayed the game around 120 times within the past three years, I've put myself into pretty much all of this game, thinking of the significance to its locations, and all areas have become memorable to me. I can't say that about any other game. Metroid Prime Hunters has a design that feels smooth compared to the other games: having one save point that is always known and eliminating those saving filler rooms, giving me control of Samus's arm cannon with precise aiming input, not much interrupting my pace with the Boost Ball, focused upgrades and actually having something laid out to do in these locations rather than having locations that feel without purpose. I will likely always be coming back to Metroid Prime Hunters often. I'm still working towards 100,000 single player enemies killed.

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Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Other M had all the makings of a great Metroid game but ended up failing in too many ways. As it stands I vote for Super Metroid. my pants.


bezerker99 wrote:

Super Metroid is the best 2D Metroid, imo.
Metroid Prime is the best 3D one....again, imo.
And Other M.........let's not go there, shall we? >:[

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Metroid Prime 3. It's the only one that consistantly entertains fact, it might be the only game in existance that consistantly entertains me.

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Unlike most people, I actually liked Other M. It wasn't really Metroid-like, but it was a good game minus the first-person bits and character development (which wasn't as terrible as it was cracked up to be). Fusion wasn't like Metroid either, but I still enjoyed it.

Best 2D title (and personal favorite) I'd give to Zero Mission, partially due to nostalgia and also partially due to how good it looks compared to NES title.
Best 3D title was MP Trilogy. Does that count?

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This was meant to be retro, but those are still great choices. Here's what I think:
Best 2-D: Super Metroid
Best 3-D: Metroid Prime

So far the most liked 2D title is Super Metroid and there is a four-way tie for 3D: MPH, MPT,MP3, and MP. Keep on the Metroid awesomeness!



Super Metroid
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Those are my favorites by far.

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Metroid Fusion out of the four ones I've played.

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Other M remains one of my favorites in the series. It was just plain fun and the story/atmosphere was awesome. Fusion would be my favorite 2D title. I will be playing the Prime Trilogy soon, though. That is, when I can work it into my schedule.

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Since no one is listing just the retro titles, I'm going to list my top favorite Metroid games:

9) Metroid Prime Hunters
8) Metroid
7) Metroid: Other M
6) Metroid Prime 2: Echeos
5) Metroid Fusion
4) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
3) Metroid: Zero Mission
2) Metroid Prime
1) Super Metroid

Never finished Metroid II: Return of Samus, so I can't put it into the list. Metroid Pinball shouldn't be even considered a Metroid game, so it will never be in this list.


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I have not played many but 1) super metroid 2) metroid fusion 3) metroid 4) metroid 2 all though I didnt finish that one so count it if you want.

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I've only completed Metroid, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3, and played a bit of Super Metroid back during it's release.
If i had experienced the first Metroid Prime using 'Wii Pointer' controls instead on the Wii Trilogy version i would of thought MUCH more highly of it. The clunky tank-like cumbersome analog aiming controls ruined part of the experience for me....I was never a fan of First person games. I had a love/hate it relationship with it and being the metroid noob that i am, i couldn't appreciate Metroids first step into the 3D World. Metroid Prime 3 however due to the controls was the next big ground breaking video game/experience for me and completely knocked my socks off. : o

Once i get through Metroid II, Super Metroid, Fusion and Zero Mission. I'll definitly be picking up the MP Trilogy And experiencing the original prime with pointer controls and when i have completed all of the 2D Mertoids I'll have an all new appreciation of that 2D to 3D transition + The amazing pointer controls. My memories are a bit blurred and jumbled with the original prime(Aside from the Amazing final Boss fight), so it's practicaly going to be a new fresh experience. Oh and the original Mapless Metroid is still all sorts of awesome.

For now....

2D Metroid

3D Metroid
MP3: Corruption

As soon as i get my 3DS XL, i plan on getting Metroid II right away, Which will most likely be in Decemeber. sigh*

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It doesn't matter if you haven't beat one or if your favorite is a modern game. It's a free country, it's a free choice, it's a free game series. Hero-Link, it doesn't matter if you beat Metroid 2 or not (Though I haven't played it), you can add it to your list. True_Hero, Other M is also one of my favorites with its awesome gameplay and it DOES have good atmosphere (Why do most people still complain about?). fpssoviet, it does not matter if you beat 2 or not, it does count. WaveWitch, I too didn't like FPS games much until Metroid Prime 1,2, and especially 3 came along. Here are my top 5 so far:
1: Metroid Prime 11/10
2:Metroid Prime 9.7/10
3:Metroid Other M 9.5/10
4:Super Metroid 9.5/10
5: Metroid Prime 2 9.0/10,
Keep on sharing your thoughts Metroid Fans!



Here's how I would rank them, except Prime Pinball as I have not completed it or played it enough:

10. Metroid Prime 2
9. Metroid II
8. Metroid Prime
7. Metroid Fusion
6. Metroid Zero Mission
5. Metroid
4. Metroid Prime 3
3. Metroid Other M
2. Super Metroid
1. Metroid Prime Hunters

10 is far behind, 5-9 are really close and shift based on what I play, 4 bounces around, 2-3 are somewhat settled and 1 is far ahead.

Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Fusion was the best 2D game and Prime & Other M are tied for best 3D.

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