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Zero Mission combines the brilliance of the original Metroid design with the brilliance of Super Metroid's gameplay. Therefore, that is my choice.

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1) Metroid.

My favorite video game.

It always felt like a major wrong that I never played a Metroid game, so when I got my 3DS, I decided to get Metroid for the VC.
I spent way too much time playing it, I have beaten the game so much times that I lost count.
Metroid became on obsession, when ever I had free time, I would just take out my 3DS and keep playing.
I started out with a homemade map I drew with a pencil, now the directions are stuck in my head.

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Right now I'm playing fusion and got stuck at a plant boss

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Good, good, choices. Glad to see the Other M is getting more credit. Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are so obviously fan-favorites. I am so jealous of those other players who have Fusion! According to these replies, the 2D titles seem to be the most-liked games. I hope you enjoy your Metroid games! Trust me, they are way way above the title of awesome.



I might get Other M soon.That seems like a really solid title.

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About that the conversation on page 2. The controls MAY matter if they end up being sloppy. The controls matter because it needs to be smooth, right, and needs to be the right choice for all gamers. Though some people may hate Metroid Prime, I was actually appreciated with the controls. It was FPS trilogy that I actually liked! The controls and gameplay have to work right with the player. The controls are perfect through out the series (In my opinion), but I wish they returned with the control modification that was in Super. Prime 3 made up for that, but I'm not talking about me, other players may not be appreciated with it. I just hope Metroid Blast on Nintendo land doesn't end up being frustrating like the NL staff said. Well, people are free to have their own choices or opinions about everything. I hope retro studios makes good use of the Wii U gamepad on a future Metroid game.



Drobotic wrote:

I might get Other M soon.That seems like a really solid title.

Even if you don't like it, it's a spectacular lesson on learning the difference between good and bad writing. Everyone wins, Huzzah!

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Do you guys think I should do another topic in the next day or two or should we keep going? My planned deadline is by the end of this month. Those all are good choices for the series indeed, but no one has commented for three days. I'll wait to see any replies coming. If there isn't any by the end of... next week, I'll start on something new.



I just got through connecting the stages of grief with the five major areas in Metroid Prime Hunters yesterday: Celestial Archives (Denial), Alinos (Anger), Vesper Defense Outpost (Bargaining), Arcterra (Depression) and Oubliette (Acceptance). I am amazed at just how connective this game is, and enjoy writing about these subjects in my notebook while also going through the game to revisit places of interest. It further emphasized the game's status as my favorite, as it means a lot to continue to enjoy a game at a deeper level.

You should think of making another topic sooner. I think this thread has reached its end.

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