Topic: Am I the only one who LOVED the Virtual Boy?

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Even Nintendo has less-than-positive memories of it.

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As an owner of a small library of Virtual Boy games acquired solely in my adulthood, it's my opinion that the Virtual Boy is pretty freaking cool actually. Sure, it was a commercial failure because it was marketed as the next Game Boy, carried a scary health risk label (probably a first at the sure scared me from buying it as a kid) and it was released at a ridiculously high price point between the tail end of the SNES and before the release of the N64, but I think most people haven't even owned a VB or played VB games long enough to formulate any legitimate hate for the Virtual Boy. Pretty sure that more than a few of the occasional naysayers that comment negatively on it are just bandwagon jumpers.

@Johnbrianr: No, you're not the only one who loved the Virtual Boy. Even if Nintendo themselves may have scrubbed their history a bit, I truly feel sorry for those who knock the Virtual Boy without trying it for themselves.

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With all due respect, keeping in mind I haven't played it personally, to be fair, I have heard alot of negative comments about it from people who really have played it themselves, and it all seems to be on pretty solid ground.

In all honesty, though, the system really had no place in the industry, IMO. It was advertised as a GB successor, despite not being portable, the price tag was very steep, it had many design flaws (even back in the day they were reported upon), and the red and black wire-frame designs simply were not appealing.

Well, that's just my two cents, anyways.

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I'd just like to take this time point out that there have been various cameos from the Virtual Boy in several games over the last decade. Particularly within the WarioWare and Animal Crossing series. Just tossing that out there.

Edit: It also serves as the precursor to our current handheld the 3DS.

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Honestly, none of the games on the system/handheld/whatisthisidonteven really interest me in the slightest, aside from Wario Land and especially Teleroboxer. Those two alone look as though they have a good amount of effort in them.

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I love my Virtual Boy.... It was way ahead of it's time and therefore shunned because of it. VB is one of my favorite "Why did it flop?" consoles, right next to the Dreamcast

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I used to go to Blockbuster just to play Mario Tennis on there... I played the heck out of that thing.. I never got one.. but I would not mind having one.. I thought it was pretty cool honestly..

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When the time comes to have virtual reality that you are 100% character, they should name the console "Virtual boy 2" or something.

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Face it. It was ahead of its time. And it sucked. They could've at least put a strap so that you could move around while playing. A great little console but it's not worth any money at all.

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Lowering the price, renaming it 3D Boy(In no way shape or form is it virtual) and most importantly ditching the Black & red color scheme in favor of a full pallette or wide range of colors might have actually saved it. Wario Land VB, Teleroboxer and Mario Clash were actually pretty decent, that is if your eyes could handle it after 15 minutes.

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Why did it flop? Why was it not in color?

Because Nintendo rushed it out the door. They didn't want to wait for non-red LEDs or whatever to become affordable. They were the dominant console maker at the time and probably thought they could get away with it (I don't think very many people predicted Sony would've gone from primarily a shovelware publisher to badly kicking their butt soon after ).
And like the SMB Movie, they learned their lesson afterwards.
(I say that even though I kind of like the SMB movie. It's awesome-bad.)

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I thought the Virtual Boy was Nintendo's one mistake bigger than the N64 sticking to cartridges. It's the reason why Gunpei Yokoi left the company in the first place.


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@WaveBoy Yes, I think the eyestrain risk was really what killed it. The games weren't awful or anything. It's just that there weren't that many games and many people couldn't play it for any longer than ten minutes without getting a headache.

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i would love to try the virtual boy. never seen one in real.

i guess it was doomed to fail, because of the things that have already been mentioned in this thread. but that doesnt mean it was a total gaming failure.

the virtual boy shows that nintendo is to big to fail. and that it something, right?

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I don't think it's the console that should be praised here, I think it's more so rather the games such as Virtual Boy Wario Land.

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