Topic: Am I the only one who LOVED the Virtual Boy?

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pntjr wrote:

Face it. It was ahead of its time. And it sucked. They could've at least put a strap so that you could move around while playing. A great little console but it's not worth any money at all.

...and that was the problem. It wasn't a Game Boy. The regular-joe consumer would assume that any nintendo product named ~boy would be portable and affordable. The Virtual Boy wasn't either--in fact it was the complete opposite! It wouldn't surprise me if people were just happy to play Mario Tennis for a few minutes at blockbuster, and then go home. I was 15 at the time and even though I thought it was awesome--even the red/black screen--I didn't even bother asking my parents for one. It was just ridiculous! You'd have to have been filthy rich at the time to even consider getting one. ...and never mind the fact at the time, that the arcade game "Killer Instinct" had already hinted at the coming of the ultra-64. You'd rather save your pennies for that than the Virtual Boy.

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Are you the only one that OWNED one?

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