Topic: Should Sony abandon the PlayStation Portable?

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Okay, I know how much people hate IGN here, but I'm not sure if the PSP worked out for portable gaming in general. Sure it made a huge splash, but compared to the massive splash the DS and DSi has created over the past years makes me wonder.
They think the PSP is dragging down the PS3, I just think a bad move made them look like idiots (you know what I mean, PSPgo. Hell, even Corbie admitted his wrong.)
Sony has even lost faith in its own UMD format, hence PSPgo, hence the failure of PSP!

Aside from IGN's article, should the PlayStation Portable system be retired just yet or is there more that Sony hasn't felt to do yet?

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I think Sony should retire the PS3 and stick to the PSP.

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If they're going to continue down the Go's path, yes.

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Sony's been making too many mistakes. If they don't improve the PSP, then yes they should abandon it

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Sony has already enjoyed more success in the portable gaming market than any other direct competitor against Nintendo. They need to continue on and come up with the true successor to the PSP and build on that success.

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I do not own a PSP but I actually hope they keep it pumping. The system from the releases I have seen ( not all ), the system has some great titles available.



The PSP seems to be more like a portable console than a real handheld. This has its benifits, but more often than not you're just getting watered-down console ports. I think if they start doing something like DSiWare so players can have some nice little portable pick up and play games in addition to all the great games the PSP already has it could be more successful. Unless that's what the PSPgo is...I honestly don't know.

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Sony was losing the console wars before, now it's even worse for them.

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Nope, the PSPGo is buying Full retail titles digitally.

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Why would they do that? It is making them a lot of money after all.


They already have that with the Minis on PSN, and before that they had the PSN-only games for the PSP.

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As long as they stop selling the PSPGo, I think they should continue to support it. It's library may not be as strong as the DS's, but it's still has a lot of good games, and it's by far the best competitor Nintendo had in the console market. It's really starting to piss me off how rare UMDs have become since Sony released that thing.

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I have a DS and an Iphone. The iphone takes care of all my media player needs and doubles as an organizer. It has some games, and is very powerful. It's much smaller and more convenient to carry around and use for any nongaming feature than the PSP would be. For anything it doesn't do out of the box, I can get an app with that functionality for as cheapest possible price. It also has games, and while it's more powerful than the DS, a pure touch screen/motion interface is just not ideal for many bigger games, to me. The only drawback is the battery life, but as long as I charge it every night, it's ok.

The DS was cheap, has great exclusives due to Nintendo's massive first party development engine and different interface than most game consoles. It's battery life is pretty long and it's small and easy to carry around. The downloadable games selection is mostly more expensive iphone ports, but it does have a few really good exclusives there too. There's no multimedia or organizational features and the web browser sucks. However, since both the hardware and games are small and easy to carry around, no problem carrying both.

PSP is too big for my purse, so it's not really portable (well, the Go isn't, but it failed), and it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. It just isn't worth the added expense. Though if they shrank it and came out with the same amount of awesome original exclusives as Nintendo did, they could compete with the DS. Add a touch screen and great organization/media apps, and you can compete with the iphone. Add some other really neat feature, and you may just have a brand new place in the market.

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The PSPgo needs to go. Otherwise, the PS3 and original PSP are doing quite decently. I plan on getting both a DSi (waiting to see what the XL is like and then I'll decide on which model) and a PSP-3000 eventually. Plus there will be true successors to the PSP and DS(i) sooner rather than later. I think Sony has proved their status as a worthy rival in the handheld market and deserves to stick around for at least the next handheld generation. Nintendo wasn't able to drive them out of the market even with the DS's success like they did to every other company that challenged their portable dominance over the years. Microsoft may even try their hand at a portable Xbox system in the coming years. I wouldn't put it past them, especially since Sony managed to survive against Nintendo.

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Yes PSP is a complete failure.

Going on with it's life will just keep making Sony lose more and more money. And especially with the fact that the DS is and always will dominate the handheld market or if not the gaming market in general at top-tier number 1.

Corbie wrote:

I think Sony should retire the PS3 and stick to the PSP.

Where do you get off?

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I think Sony should concentrate on making televisions.



What matters in the end is the games. With the exception of the Dreamcast (and to a lesser extent, the Turbografx 16) game consoles and handhelds will depend on the games. There just aren't enough good games on the PSP that aren't rated M that make me want to buy it. The DS has more great games, and the 3rd party support is actually really impressive. My Ipod Touch takes care of everything else, and with the fact that there are some PSP clones on it (Rolando is a lot like LocoRoco) I will never buy a PSP. That's the case for a lot of other people in the world, too.

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Bobpie wrote:

Nope, the PSPGo is buying Full retail titles digitally.

That's where one failed is at with the PSPgo is the size of an average title.
Since most people don't have high speed broadband meaning anything exceding 200MB approxe be so slow to download & beacuse of that more chance of errors.
Plus add in monthly download allowance it means most people won't have suitable Internet to suit the avarage PSP games.

Plus Sony haven't released those prepaid cards in most countrys so to exclude even more people so 2 thing that deter people of the stupid piece of junk & 2 things that might slow down the adopton of the digital distribution.



Corbie wrote:

I think Sony should retire the PS3 and stick to the PSP.

My thoughts exactly... the PSP is making some profit by now given the increased userbase of gamers (not just damn pirates) for the system, while the PS3 has been one big mistake after the other... too many lost chances, and by now most of the R&D investment on it has been abandoned (current Cell's a no-go for IBM for example)... they could stop making it to stop the money bleeding it is making (really, it wasn't the smartest choice to market the thing as a Blu-Ray player, why did they include a BD movie at launch instead of a game?), and focus on getting good first-party games for the system, which are the ones that will sell and make huge profits (that will in turn help the company, since they have been in red numbers for way too much time).

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No, the PSP is awesome and is one of the best handhelds ever [with awesome exclusives, like Crisis Core: FFVII, God of War:COM, and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep for example]. Whoever wrote the article has no clue what he is talking about. A prime example of IGN being a bunch of idiots again. Personally, sometimes I like my PSP more than my DS. Of course there are somethings the DS has the advantage over [like a way to protect your screens, unlike the PSP's sensitive screen]. But still, I think the PSP is the best non-Nintendo handheld ever made. Plus, you can play awesome PS1 games on the go! The Go is just a failure, Sony needs to stick with the PSP 3000. You can download full games to your PSP 3000 just like the Go, but at least with the 3000 you have the option of playing games on UMDs. From what I heard, there are some games that MIGHT never be on the PSN Store [like Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep, which was just released in Japan]. Why did Sony made the Go? I think Sony should have never made the Go, but Sony will never admit they screwed up.

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