Topic: Kid Tripp, a.k.a. Our very own pixelman has finally finished a game!

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Karakato wrote:

Posted this on another thread but I present to you, your very first KT fan art:
I also made an "Endless Runner" version on the pic if anyone is interested.


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I win, now where's a version of KT that I can play

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Congrats Pixelman! I shall download this right away.


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@Karakato Awesome. I love that gif.

Made it to world 2 now, and It just seems to keep getting better!

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Everyone download this game! So good!!! Can't wait for the sequel. So many nostalgic elements Mario, Sonic, Wonderboy etc and it controls like a dream.
@pixelman The guy who did the music did a kick job! I played the lava levels with the music turned up as high as it would go. Good job anyway mate, I'd be so proud if I was you. Nothing to do with the fact that your a Nintendolife member, this is easily one of the best AppStore games I've played. I fact it would be my second favourite after Rayman Run. (And that's a close second)

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It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Man I am half tempted to get an Ipad just so I could play this game. How sad is that?

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@Tasuki It's almost worth it Pocket Gamer gave it a 9/10

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Yoooo guys! Thanks for the awesome feedback, super cool to see you're enjoying it.

I submitted the big widescreen (iPhone 5)/fullscreen (iPad) update last night, and it has a bunch of other smaller things that should clarify parts of the game/make it nicer/make it smoother. Fingers crossed Apple doesn't take forever to approve it again, lol. :3

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Now what a sec.......Pixelman made a game and better yet its a really good game?!?! Thats AWESOME!! Too bad i cant play it otherwise i would dl it right away. Great job and its no wonder we haven't seen you around much!

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IAmNotWill wrote:

Just got all the gold medals not too long ago. Fantastic game you made here.

Wow, on 3-5 too? If so, I think you're the first person I've seen to get a gold medal on that level.

@Tech Yeeeeees! Thanks man. :3

@MeWarior That'd be Chris Kukla. And yeah he did an awesome job.

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That reminds me... I downloaded it!

It's pretty charming, love the graphics and music!
The concept works really well for iDevices and the gameplay is perfect.

It's kinda hard though! I couldn't get past the second level in my first game.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Oh! eShop Gurus.

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@Morphtorok: Practice makes perfect! part of the fun is that you get to see how many times you've died once you've beaten the game :3

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@Pixelman Hey dude! Just got your update! Nice job, I can finally beat level 4-2 with the changes you made haha. I had gold medaled the whole game I play it so much, but couldn't get past the second level of world 4 Cheers man!

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Man it's crazy how you changed for this update! You got rid of my favourite Penguin in the last ice level haha

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Haha yeah, I think some of the most hardcore players won't be happy about some of the changes, but I felt like they really were needed. I've seen so many people stuck on those two spiders in 4-2... lol. The changes weren't huge, I just lowered the required level of pixel-perfect accuracy a bit in a couple of particularly obnoxious spots. And yeah, the penguin is the only change in 3-5.

Some of the other tweaks you may notice were necessary because the trigger timing of nearly every baddie and platform had to be adjusted once I added the wider viewing area. It mostly plays exactly the same though. :3

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It was a wee bit of a shock, some of the changes, but I got used to them fast and the game is way better for it! I think it's about perfect now and I just need a sequel I managed to get to the lava world tonight losing only 5 lives on the way, but then my brain turned to mush on the last levels. I'm number 10 in the charts for least lives lost though whoop!

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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