Topic: Kid Tripp, a.k.a. Our very own pixelman has finally finished a game!

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pixelman wrote:

AlexSays wrote:

What happened to my vip early access status

1/5 stars, Pix. 1/5


Now that you're a hotshot rich developer you can make it up to me by taking me out. <3



wouldnt it be AWESOME if this got on teh eShop and NLife reviewed it? i played this game, and dude, i am VERY critical about games. i will not lie and say i liked it just because you are a user here if i didnt like it. but i absolutely LOVE this game, you did a GREAT job on it! keep it up! not done yet games gets off on a great start!


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@SwerdMurd: paint dries, bro. why not go into their freezers and lick all their popsicles instead? that would be horrible D: D: D:

future of NL >:3
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SwerdMurd wrote:

so I might've indirectly exposed your game to my EA contact !

Will update you - but I think I've got someone rather interested on the line. Emails shall follow sir.

ANYONE THAT OWNS AN IPHONE, IPAD, OR IPOD - get this game or I will come to your house and smear paint on the inside of your door handles so your hands get all paintey when you try to go anywhere.

Hugely proud of you Pix! Now, the excitement that is post-release / promotion frenzy-time. And dealing with dipsh**s that want to crap all over your parade.

I have an iPod shuffle does that count?

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Nope. Shuffle doesn't run normal iOS, sadly, so no dice there .

@theblackdragon - that's just malicious.... I love it.

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So is this gonna also be like game discussion, too?

If so, I gotta say, I just got a gold metal on all the world 1 levels. I know others have done more, but I feel pretty good about that!

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I was really surprised when I saw this, and I downloaded it right away. It's hard (or I stink) but its so fun! Except for those monkeys. I hate the monkeys. They always get me. >:l

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if you're using the shots (and not sprinting through the entirety of every stage) you're doing it wrong

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Hey, huge congratulations @pixelman! I don't think I'm even that good at runner games, but I already have this downloading right now. Really can't wait to play it, and Im glad to see that it has good reviews already. I hope things'll take off for you from here!

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My goodness! It looks amazing! Can't play it tho... no Ipod or Iphone... or smartphone for that matter... Bring it to the eShop on 3DS and i'll buy it 5 times if I have to!

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So after playing a bit.. on one hand when I complete a level, I feel like I've just climbed Everest. On the other hand, amidst the hundred or so times I die, I feel like taking my ipad and throwing it into the nearest wall.

This game is not for the easily frustrated. lol



just cleared it officially woo! Awesome last world - back to gold-run the fire levels... And then to attempt the single-continue run w/o shots. Yikes.

Hour-or-so well spent. Awesome way to use a dollar!

-Swerd Murd

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Not only is it just cool that pixelman, a Nintendolife community member, made a game, but what's also cool is that the game is freaken awesome!!!

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


I downloaded this game, and it's really good, but what makes this game even better for me is that the protagonist/kid tripp looks exactly like one of my friends

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SheldonRandoms wrote:

I downloaded this game, and it's really good, but what makes this game even better for me is that the protagonist/kid tripp looks exactly like one of my friends

This work is fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Wow, someone beat my deaths record. Andy_C83, this means war!

lol, thanks everyone. Can't believe how well the game's doing. You all rock.



Fiction? The game sounds like it was based on a true story

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LzQuacker wrote:

Fiction? The game sounds like it was based on a true story

Shhhh, don't let the real Kid Tripp hear you.



So I managed to get my hands on the game (it's on my ipad though which sucks cuz the portability is terrible) any chance this will be on android devices (so I can have it on my phone). Also what's your next project?

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One of the best games I ever spent money on in App Store (And one of the only. ). You deserve major props for this. This game is hard, but very rewarding in it's tight gameplay and precise platforming. Someone was right to say that if there was a endless runner Mario game, You'd be the guy to see. Excellent work!

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