Topic: Do you enjoy playing racing or sports games alone?

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I don't play games that are solely into multiplayer like Mario Kart for example because its focused more on multiplayer than single player. The only racing game that I liked was CTR but other than that, not much really. I did play two Mario Party games but then I realized that its solely focused on Multiplayer than single player no matter how good it was.

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I don't really like sports or racing games very much to begin with. Mario Kart is a bit different due to it being so whacky, but I generally eschew both genres (I'm more of an RPG and adventure gamer). However, I always prefer to play with other people no matter what the genre, so that gets my vote.

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I don't like playing games online when the contest isn't fair. (Don't see the point if there is an advantage to me or anybody else).

Or when skill isn't the deciding factor. (And before even starting playing then I try and get as good as I possibly can get first).

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@unrandomsam They just don't make awesome multiplayer racing games for skilled players anymore





Mario Kart is the only racing game that's not fun alone from my experience. And that's solely because of the Rubberbanding AI.

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I don't mind and depending on the sport I pretty much only play alone. (Baseball or soccer). Racing games I usually go online with.


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I generally don't mind playing sports games alone as long as I achieve something in-game, like unlocking new teams/players/grounds. Just playing alone for the sake of playing, however, is seriously boring and repetitive with sports games.

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Yes, and I do so quite often. Actually just got back from playing NBA 2K14. I usually play single-player.

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I liked some of the Burnout games. Other than that, not really.

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racing not, because I don't like racing games, but I do play Fifa alone, the be a pro mode is lots of fun... ohh and of course Football manager is awesome on your own

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Meh. I'm not big on online multiplayer for anything. So I mostly play alone or sometimes I'll have someone to play with.
I'm not too crazy about racing games anymore aside from the more arcade-ish feeling ones and Mario Kart. I like playing Mario Kart with other people. The other racing games, I'll play by myself if they have some sort of career/story mode or whatever.

Fifa and MLB: The Show, I can play by myself for hours if I'm into it. I like the career modes a lot and they can be pretty addictive if you get into it. NHL on the other hand, I prefer playing that with a friend.



For me it depends on the game. Sport games like NBA Jam or NFL Blitz I have to play with someone otherwise I get bored of them quickly. Sports games like FIFA or MLB: The Show something with a season/career mode I can play by myself.

Racing games I can go either way on. If it has stuff like tracks or car parts or new cars that are unlocked through single player mode then I enjoy playing them alone as well as in multiplayer mode. Now if the single player mode doesn't unlock anything and its just racing for the sake of racing well then I get bored cause the computer is either cheap or just doesn't give me a good challenge like a real person does.

To further make things difficult when I player multiplayer I play co-op not online cause I dont like playing with people I don't know cause I have had bad experiences in the past. Although now that I have a PS4 I feel that I will be playing more online since a majority of my friends are Sony owners and either have or are planning to get a PS4.

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I play every sports and racing game alone, with the exception of Mario Kart.



I usually play need for speed alone so I can upgrade and get every car. (basically 100% it)

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Unless I'm trying to unlock things for multiplayer purposes, and sometimes even while doing that, I usually need to play with/be with friends or family. Even with single-player games I usually want/need someone to at least be in the same room as me as I play.

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Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Sometimes, though nowadays they are more and more a multiplayer thing for me. When I actually get to either genre.

Kirby Air Ride and Diddy Kong Racing and to a lesser extent what I played of Burnout Paradise are pretty cool in single player. I played a lot of Tony Hawk back in the day too.

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Yes. I used to play Tony Hawk and 1080 Avalanche on GCN, alot. I've always played Mario Kart by myself, at times, to unlock the stuff. F-Zero X and GX were fun games to play, especially on Master mode. I played SOnic Racing alone, to unlock stuff. Fighting games and shooting games kind of count as sports, and I've played a handful of those. Those are basically the only games I would play that are sport or racing games.

I mostly play alone to unlock stuff or to practice, otherwise everything is online.


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