Topic: Whose gonna buy SSB4 digitally on Wii U or 3DS?

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I think I will buy digitally for the 3DS version. Having it accessible anywhere will be very convenient. I might buy the physical version later though.

Sticking to physical for the Wii U version, in case someone I know is crazy enough to own a Wii U but not Smash. Plus for collector's value.

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3DS. Going digital unless the game is huge.

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Physical for the 3DS.

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Physical for me, both versions.

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digital for both. Its a game I always want on my system.


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Digital for both mostly for the generic digital reasons (space, convenience, etc). Plus I always want to be prepared for a battle when I unexpectedly meet a 3ds owner who have the same game.

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Getting both for team physical.

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Physical definitely for the 3DS. Portability was one of the only two things I asked for (The other being Megaman... ) and I like the art style too so instant buy, but I don't want to download it.

Not sure if I'll get the Wii U version ATM, but if I do, Physical again.

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I really like getting physical games..mostly for cool box art and instruction manuals, but I'm probably going to switch over to digital to take full advantage of the digital deluxe promotion program. Also I take my Wii U to my friends' houses very often so taking lots of boxes of games could be hard to cram into my backpack.

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You know what? I think I'll get a digital instead, for the Wii U. It'll be convenient, no disc-swapping.

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I'm all digital with the 3DS so digital for me. As for the Wii U I may depending on how often I plan to plan to play the game.


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I have an all digital policy for Wii U and 3DS now. However, if the 3DS game is too big, I'll be forced to upgrade my SD card or buy the physical version. Wii U's size? not a problem with a 2TB drive.


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I will get the physical copy for the 3ds.

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animefan23 wrote:

Digital for 3DS and Physical For Wii U because I don't do digital on home consoles

I comment that's two months old and she still managed to read my mind. I don't see why I would get digital versions of games on my Wii U unless a thief comes in and finds my Wii/Wii U collection and steals my game. It's not like I would lose the CD inside my own house unless I accidentally dropped it under the couch and didn't bother to pick it up. Also, in 20 to 30 years, I'd have it as part of my collection rather than on my Wii U which might unable to work anymore or some sort of shenanigan like that. For my 3DS, I have Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing New Leaf because those are games that I play every so and then. Same will go with Mario Party 3DS, Pokemon Y, and Super Smash Bros. I don't want to bring all of them in my pocket with my 3DS. It's better to play them whenever I have my 3DS with me. A good old match of Pit and Mega Man on the go.

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I am most likely, I only digitally buy games if I know they'll last me for a very long time. And we all know what Smash is like in general.

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i'll buy it digtally on the 3ds and physical for wii u



I'm getting it digitally for my 3DS for sure, to have the game with me always.

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