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@wafflesngravy You have to keep automatic renewal turned on, as well.

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Does anyone know if the individual subscription means one switch or one account on a switch?



@GuyWithATV one account

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Anyone with me on this being a total rip off or what? Clearly they don't even really need a system like this as they've been running absolutely fine without it and they don't even really provide much of a service anyway with the whole peer-to-peer crap.
Also "free" NES games big deal, can get those free for real if you know where to look.



Splatoon 2 requires NSO, while Fortnite doesn’t.


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You may think Nintendo Switch Online hasn't done very much; but that's not true: it's done plenty. It's spent every waking hour trying to give value to its pointless NES suite and cut cloud backup support from Splatoon 2 and Pokemon Let's Go; its added a $20 tax for Nintendo gamers, voted to use a smartphone app for voice chat and cut accessibility for families. And Nintendo Switch Online has refrained from revealing its special offers at least 3 times. When it comes to what matters to gamers and families, Nintendo Switch Online is out of touch and only for the top end of town. Authorized by TheAwesomeBowser for the Anti-NSO Party.

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I don't even want to pay $60 / year for PS Plus.
Just Ew....
$20 / year from Nintendo Switch Online still better than PS Plus.

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@TheAwesomeBowser At this point I'd say PS+ is just as bad as NSO, PS+'s quality has especially dropped since Sony cut PS3 and Vita support. Both services need to do a lot if they're to get anywhere close to the quality of Xbox Live Gold.

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Well, what are we going to do about it?

Nothing, as usual? Just pay it, grumble and get mad at each other on the internet, and move on?



This month’s NES games are now live along with a SP version of Star Soldier that starts at the last stage.

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@TheAwesomeBowser The same person who asked for your opinions.

Yet life moves on.

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Twitch Prime Members can now redeem their additional 9 months of NSO membership.

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This thread is like speaking by horseback messenger in the Old West. One guy posts something, the next guys responds a week later. Then @GameOtaku responds to a post that is a couple days shy of a month old lol

And now here I am.



GameOtaku wrote:

It's not like there's lots to talk about with switch online. Ohhhhhhh burn!

Indeed, there really isn't much to talk about with Switch online, because we've already said it all before, multiple times. Heck, I've said something similar to my first sentence before multiple times before too.

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