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@Zidentia Not exactly what you mean by the argument being in your favor, I was just explaining. Again, you can have your own opinions, the only reason I added the Kirby part was to show that I usually use different paragraphs for different ideas. There is no need for arguing.

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Super Mario Bros 2 is the one mainline Mario game i've never completed, and Kirby's Adventure is a favourite of mine. Good month for me.



what are the speacial offers other than splatoon 2 gear



@Jojabean44 They didn't really go in depth with the special offers. The NES controllers are as close as we will get.

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Tetris 99 makes the potential of "special offers" a lot more interesting.


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After months of moaning about NSO on here, my lovely wife bought me a subscription for my birthday.

Tetris 99 is brilliant fun and making it less likely she’s wasted her money.

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So I did some price conversions and found out this...
$3.99USD equates to $5.58AUD (1 month individual sub)
$7.99USD equates to $11.18AUD (3 month individual sub)
$19.99USD equates to $27.97AUD (1 year individual sub)
$34.99USD equates to $48.96AUD (1 year family plan)

Actual Aussie prices:
$5.95AUD for 1 month individual
$11.95AUD for 3 month individual
$29.95AUD for 1 year individual
$54.95AUD for 1 year family plan


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@subpopz I just started playing Tetris 99 and I'm liking it! If they could do the same thing with Panel de Pon/Puzzle League, I'd be happy.

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I know it's way too late to do a joke about this, but currently, it essentially looks like Nintendo is so hilariously desperate to not actually improve its online service that it will make an entire new video game and give it away for free instead of adding obvious features and improvements that everyone actually wants. It's like when a character in a show is so desperate to not tell the truth about something that they will go to absurd lengths that take so much more unneeded effort and time just to not get caught lying, and that is in fact the entire joke.

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Having a Tetris title given for free sort of makes the service a little better. Would still love new features to be added, maybe exclusive Switch themes added too.



Wasn’t sure where to ask this and it didn’t seem like a big enough question to start a new thread since the forum seems pretty uncluttered

I recently bought the $35 credit eshop bundle and have a Nintendo switch online family membership plan with 3 child accounts.

I added the eshop credit to my account since I make all the eshop purchases of games and everyone else can play them on there own user accounts.

One child likes to play fortnite but he usually plays on the PS4. Over in Sony land I add credit to my account and I can allow him to spend some money from those funds by setting a spending limit. From what I was reading Nintendo gives me the choice of blocking eshop purchases or having a notification sent when a purchase is made. Does this mean for him to make a purchase for something like fortnite I have to either add a credit card giving him potentially unlimited spending or buy an eshop card for him to add funds to his own account to do so?

I was thinking I had funds on my switch now that he could use to buy a season 8 battle pass that he could then also play with that battle pass on the PlayStation or the switch. Is there anyway I can share my credit with him to buy a battle pass? Sony doesn’t let children have money but Nintendo does? That seems counter intuitive to me but I guess it’s not a big deal even if it is annoying



subpopz wrote:

So, with Konami releasing retro collections now, on top of other retro releases done by 3rd party (notably Mega Man), what does this mean for the NES (and maybe SNES) Online service?

Even though it’s cheap, the ‘service’ as it stands is a joke. If you have no interest in paying to play ancient software from the 80s, this ‘service’ does nothing for you.

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Honestly, even if SNES games were added, the service still wouldn't be worth it. The slow release of these old games would still happen with SNES games.



Just figured out its only for single memberships, doesn't work on family plans. Oh well. Still might be good for some.



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