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@kkslider5552000 I totally agree, I know I will pick up a Switch when a new Pokemon is released, and right now I ust have too much to play on the systems I already own lol

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Peek-a-boo wrote:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • NBA 2K17

Nope and nope.

"Nintendo later stated that the footage on the Switch's screen does not necessarily reflect any confirmed titles for the system, and were only selected to demonstrate the Switch's range of functionality. Bethesda, the publisher of Skyrim, affirmed they had no current plans to bring the title to the Switch, but had provided Nintendo the footage to support the reveal as a committed developer for the system. Take-Two, the publisher for NBA 2K17, also affirmed they had no present plans for this title on the Switch."



@tailgater That's why you don't quote Wikipedia;

Bethesda wrote:

We're happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on the video. While we are not confirming any specific titles at this time, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo and support of the Switch. We look forward to revealing specific games and details in the future.

They never said anything about ''no plans'', they only said that they won't confirm any titles for the moment. Just like how Nintendo hasn't ''confirmed'' Mario Kart, Super Mario or Splatoon for Switch.



Yes, because showing footage of Skyrim means they have "no plans" for release. Why would they release footage if they were planning on nothing?

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I'm going to wait to see what Xmas 2017 brings. If there's a decent amount of releases from Nintendo that aren't just recycled U ports, and 3rd party support is looking reasonable for the foreseeable future, then I may consider one. It's also going to depend on where the Pokémon series goes from here as my son will still want to play those.

But unless there's something incredible and groundbreaking revealed in January it's certainly not going to be a day one purchase this time round.

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Always pre-order. Always.

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I have yet to hear of any game I'd be interested in playing in the slightest to have been released for the system. Yes, not announced but released (not that I have heard of any announcements that hold my interest). Besides, the system hardware has for me no added value 3DS and Wii U don't already have.

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Depends. Sub $400 price tag and at least one exclusive killer app would make me much likely to buy a Switch at launch.

For me, killer apps would be...

  • A proper 3D Mario
  • Splatoon 2
  • (possibly) Pikmin 4
  • Atlus JRPG
  • A proper Metroid game (single-player, isolation, focus on exploration, no co-op or story-heavy nonsense)

...something like that.

I won't buy it for BotW when I already own a console that can play it.

My fear is that the launch lineup will look like this:

  • Legend of Zelda: BOTW
  • (various third party ports)
  • (Wii U ports)

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I never buy a console at launch (though I've been tempted). I like to wait for a lot of the major bugs and software issues to be worked out, plus I like for there to be at least three or more games that I'm genuinely interested in before I find purchasing a new system to be worth it.

I'd also like to work through a lot of my backlogged games (especially those on older platforms) before picking up a new system. I'll feel guilty otherwise. XD Unlike most, I picked up my Wii U last year and am still working my way through my backlogged games there as well.

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I'm not waiting! I'm straight in there! I'm not missing out on months of Switch Gaming locally with my friends just to save a few pounds -there'll be loads to play from Launch!



Whats the big deal with skyrim coming to the switch? The special edition is out now on all platforms, when march comes, skyrim remastered will already be old news.

Whats more concening is that since the switch isnt that poweful. Future games of bethesda wont likely be ported such as dishonered 2 or the next TES.



diwdiws wrote:

Whats the big deal with skyrim coming to the switch?

I think people like the fact that it will be portable.



Nope. I am NOT making that mistake again. Nope nope nope! I'm waiting until it's been out for at least two years. It doesn't come out until March 2017? I'm getting it in March 2019 at the earliest. Probably for my birthday if I can manage it.

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diwdiws wrote:

Whats the big deal with skyrim coming to the switch?

It's a big deal for the same reason that Smash on the 3DS was a big deal. Or the 3DS versions of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. And for the same reason why people watch Netflix on their tablets even though they have a TV. Portability.

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@skywake so what if its portable? It will be a months old remake of a 5 yr old game by the time switch launches. Everyone who would have wanted to play it would have been already bored with it by then regardless of whether or not its portable. it would only be a big deal imho to Nintendo only gamers who havent played it before.



@diwdiws I was going to buy it for the PS4 or Xbox One, but as it looks to be coming to the Switch, I'm definitely gonna wait till March and buy it. And I do have it for the 360 but I never finished it. So the idea of playing it on the go is gonna be right up my street, like when taking long train journeys to London and back.



@FragRed regardless of your preference i just dont see any hype being generated by skyrim on switch when march comes next year. Most people would probably just say "meh, played it before" or even those interested wont probably go "holy hell!! SKYRIM!!!".



Hopefully it's an indication of the third party support the system will be getting in the feature. It's the message that counts. At least we should expect late ports for launch, since its a March release, there's not a whole lot of new games coming in March.



It's portable. You can argue that it's not a big deal as much as you want but it is a big deal. It's also Bethesda supporting Nintendo hardware. Which is also a big deal. And again, you can argue that Bethesda will not develop anything else for it if you want. But it has been a long time since one of their IPs has been on a Nintendo system.

Here's a list of Bethesda owned IPs that have at some point been on Nintendo systems:

  • Doom (SNES, N64, GBA)
  • Wolfenstein (SNES, GBA)

That's it. Those are not recent. So Bethesda being involved with the Switch? It's a big deal.

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I was hesitant on getting a Wii U early, and ultimately didn't get one at all, because the lineup wasn't that great and I was waiting for it to get better (which it did, but not to the level I wanted it to be). The Switch's lineup already looks better than the Wii U's just by BotW and Mario alone, so I might get it early this time. I'd like to see a few more good games to seal the deal though, and I wouldn't mind if they were just Wii U ports (I'd still very much like to play Splatoon and Mario Kart 8).


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