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Topic: Strange Ways To Play Games

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So, guys, what are some strange ways that you play games. Be it play style, the way you hold the controller, if it is strange, it fits. For example, there is a way that I hold my 3DS while playing Kid Icarus Uprising that allows me to play it without the stand with zero discomfort.
How do you guys play games strangely?

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I play Super Mario Galaxy with the Wii remote upside down. Very strange indeed.

Being serious, i usually play Theatrhythm on my knee. I seem to do better.

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I tilt the controller for every racing game because I feel like it helps even though it probably dosn't. XD

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I played Zelda 2 on 3DS upside down once.

I somehow did better than the last dozen or so times i tried to get to the 2nd(?) palace.

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I'll usually shift my position erratically when playing my 3DS on my bed. One minute it'll be in front of me, the next it's above my head, and the next it's between my legs.

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To do speed runs on autoscrolling levels in SM3DL, I held down right on the D-Pad with my index finger (in order to see what's coming slightly faster), and used the circle pad with my middle finger. I got some good times doing that!

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Once I played kid icarus uprising with a ds stylus, didnt like it, haven't done it since. ._."

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I used to play The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning on my DS with my pinkie on the AYXB and the stylus in my hand. I can't do that any more...

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Huh. That's exactly how I hold my 3DS while playing KI:U. And all my DS FPS games.

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Not sure if this technically counts, but for those of you who remember, you can do an extra little twirl in the air by shaking the remote in NSMBW (or fly if you have the propeller hat). Well, ever since I've played NSMBW, I keep thinking I can do the same action in other 2D Mario games, such as NSMB2. I sometimes find myself shaking the 3DS and then realizing my idiocy when nothing happens. XD

EDIT: And I play KI:U by placing the 3DS over my leg while the knee is sticking up, but I wouldn't call that strange...

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Playing racing games on my PS2, I use my middle finger for the square and triangle buttons. I hold my stylus in my left hand when I'm not using it on my 3ds, WHILE PLAYING IT. I can't do otherwise.

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I taped two Wiimotes together to play Co-op mode by myself on Tetris Party. I set the B triggers as the piece hold, and put one finger on each trigger, and then I swapped my thumbs up and down to alternate placing pieces for each player. I managed to clear over 100 lines before it got too fast. It was pretty intense.

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Play online in MKW with DK Bongos or the DDR Mat

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@WingedFish: When I just got my 3DS and SM3DL, I had this instinct to shake because of Galaxy and NSMB.W, I ended up with loose hinges :(
I didn't learn my lesson just yet, when I got NSMB.2 I repeated the horrible mistake, but this time, I don't think I damaged my hinges.

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I used to try many control variations of Smash Bros. Melee, including playing with one hand, playing upside down, and playing with my feet. My siblings and I would have Melees that way and it was tones of fun.

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on a zach bell game for the GBA there were some mini games that required mashing the a and b buttons over and over so instead of pressing the buttons i just started sliding my finger back and forth over both of them. worked great.

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Years ago, in the N64 era:
"Use my thumb to rotate the analog stick?
Nah, I'll use the palm of my hand. Nothing can go wrong."

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I shake my 3DS with NSMB2 occasionally, all I get is a closed 3DS.

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Strangest thing I've ever done was in a Dragon Ball Z game for GameCube. I can't remember which one it was, but the final boss was against Kid Buu, and you had to mash A insanely quickly in order to beat him as he's trying to stop the massive spirit bomb. My thumbs couldn't move that quickly, but I was able to do it when I went and got a spoon from the kitchen and ran it back and forth over the button.

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I walk in circles around my dining room when I play Pokemon at home.


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