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NintendoLife Hall of Fame (AKA the men's restroom)

A celebration of the kinds of junk that somehow gets dredged up round these parts.

Well, since I managed to round up all the Hall of Fame-status threads on NintendoLife's forums, I figured I may as well post them in one place we can find them. I am only listing threads nominated or confirmed as hall of fame status by forum admins and mods. If you can remember or find any others, post them here!

In alphabetical order:

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(Looks at subtitle and yells from outside the door)
Nintendo Life Space 2010 = Funniest thread ever.

Good times and great memories. lol



I demand this thread to be added. I will have no exceptions.

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I nominate this thread for hall of fame status.

**is shot**


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It really is an honor and a pleasure to have a thread enshrined in the men's restroom hall of fame. Really it is fantastic. It seems like all of my best moments took place in there; I've lost quite a few things in there I'll never get back. And in fact, I'm even suspicious I was conceived in there.

T-the Hall of Fame, that is.

So... it's nice to come full circle. I think.

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Yay, the Petting Zoo made it!


What the? Two Hall of Fame threads? There can be only one!



Well, this thread is the Hall of Fame for threads. The recent one is for users.

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still needs a different title. Plus we already have a favorite users thread. The other one is redundant



I hereby nominate this thread for Hall of Fame status...

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This thread needs to stickied D:

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Here are most of Orlick's threads he made. I'm sure there are plenty more, but I was too tired to Google anymore u_u Enjoy

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What the Hell. How was me being in the Hospital a junk thread. And here I thought this was general thoughts.


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