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pixelman wrote:

1. Super Mario Bros. Theme
2. The Legend of Zelda Theme
3. Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Theme

I think it's saying something that all of yours, as well as most of everyone else's favorite themes are by Koji Kondo

personally, I agree with Adam. Gerudo Valley. But I also love the FFVII Main Theme...amazing.

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In no particular order...

1. The Legend of Zelda theme
2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme
3. Super Mario Bros. theme

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end them MA:GITS
main theam LOZ
underground theam SMB

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Songs from the Metroid Prime games.
Torvus Bog and Phendrana Drifts.

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This is tough. REALLY TOugh

1. The Legend of Zelda's Main Theme
2. Sarias Song theme
3. Guredo Valley theme



Spring Yard Zone
Song of Storms
and basically every other sonic and zelda theme.

I also like the theme from Colums 1. It's so ..... sad.

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Fighting-Final fantasy VII
Overworld-Final Fantasy I

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Kizzi wrote:

That was a great song! SMG had a lot of good songs

Definately!! The best music in any Mario game ever!!! Buoy Base is a good one too!

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I always find myself humming the Tetris theme. Also the Linda Linda song from Ouendan.

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I like quote a few but these are some games that stand out for me

Portal - Still Alive
Super Mario Bros Theme
Dr Stewart theme in F-Zero GX
Super Mario Galaxy had many great songs, as well as Metroid Prime had some good songs. Don't know the names of the, though


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Mute City - F-zero
Checker Knights - Kirby
Mario Theme - Mario
Chrono Trigger Opening Theme - Chrono Trigger Ds
Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

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Demonseed - Castlevania

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I really enjoy "Green Greens" from the Kirby series.

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Super Mario Bros. Theme
and New Super Mario Bros. Theme.

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Zelda FTW

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I've been trying to narrow this down for a long time, plus I wasn't sure if it had to be a main theme or whatnot, but here goes...

Motoi Sakuraba's Fighting of the Spirit. Nothing says "epic battle with the elemental powers of the world" quite like Fighting of the Spirit. It takes me to a whole new level when it starts blaring.

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Anything from pretty much any Nintendo game, and some songs from Castle Crashers.

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