Topic: Ever bumped into a fellow NL user on a different website?

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Yeah, on Facebook to be exact. Then again, it was just my brother and cousin..

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Prof. Clayton made a forum, and it's made up of 99% NL members.
So, yeah.

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I've seen @akabenjy quite a few times on the IGN 3DS board. And occasionally I see other IGN users pop up on NL (usually in the comments sections on the main page).

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I ran into Thedreaminghawk on the Zen Studios forums recently. I've also had a few follow me over here from their site!

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I saw someone on a YouTube comment once, and on Prof. Clayton's forums
Oh yeah, and on one site I found someone called something along the lines of "theblackdragonslayer" Coincidence or banned user?

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Yeah. I ran into...oh, what was her name....Victoria?...on David's 3DSForums. I'm under a different name there so no one would recognize me unless I say who I am.


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Oh that's right, I remember that I saw Thedreaminghawk on youtube before.
He was commenting on outdoors unleashed africa 3d.

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Outside of NL i merely lurk on most gaming sites. Most others I find I can't stand the commentors. So unless anybody comments on any of my 4 pay to read sports sites, no one will see me comment except here.

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A NL user told me about a Google+ community (for Style Savvy: Trendsetters.)
And I bumped into a couple other users from here that were there.

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Oh yeah, I saw WingedFish on a YouTube video one time. I think it was on a SSBB song.

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I saw Bulby on YouTube once, on a Nostalgia Critic video.

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I can't remember their usernames but it's 3 NLifers. One owns a Facebook page called Attorney at law and the other two are from an online game.

Oh, just remembered that I encountered Victoria on 3dsforum last year.

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Does Push Square or Backloggery count?

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Pichuka97 wrote:

Does Push Square or Backloggery count?

I don't think BL counts... you can't swing an Emmy by the tail without hitting another NL user there. :3

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@3DSonicPizzaHD Eh, go ahead if you'd like, but just know that I really don't have any videos myself, just a few stupid clips of my parrots I made a while back using the poor quality 3DS camera. At some point I'd like to start up a gaming channel with Let's Plays and Top Ten countdowns, but until I get the funds for proper equipment, and learn the know-how of what to do, such a project is a LONG way off.


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