Topic: Ever bumped into a fellow NL user on a different website?

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It happened to me twice. Both times it was on YouTube when someone recognized me on a comment (coincidentally both comments were on SSBB soundtracks) since I have the same avatar and username there. Didn't know I was that well known on these forums.

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Don't think so.
I have in real life though.


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I have in both.
but you do not want to know who I met in real life >.>

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No, I have not as of yet.

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I've seen a few people around on YouTube, mainly @Electricmastro who has a few Game Grumps videos and in a few comments, but I can't remember anything apart from that off the top of my head.

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I have ran into a user on this site on a site that is about doing things that cant be mentioned here to a Wii. I didnt say anything to them I just recognized their avatar and user name from here since it was exactly the same. Also in some of their comments they said that they frequent Nintendolife.

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I'm just new on the site, maybe in the near future or far away or never.

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110Percentful on the New Leaf board on GameFaqs. Cool guy.

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No. Though I ran into users from RPGfan on Atlus' forum before, and I ran into a member from Animenation somewhere else as well. I think I also saw a vc-forum goer on GoNintendo, but I'm not sure. But no, I never accidently encountered anyone from here on another website.

EDIT: How could I forget, I ran into SuperOtaku on...some forum I'm never ever going back to again!

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i met jump in real life, we got kicked out of golden corral, three times in 2 days

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I run into some people regularly on a site I'm not allowed to link to. Because it's my site, or some such. Anyway, those are my favouritest people in the whole wide world.

Wait.. Retro_on_theGo, you visit? I have absolutely no idea who you are over there

Also, Skywake seems to have disappeared from here, but I've seen him on a couple of Australian tech sites around the traps. Smart cookie, that one. Lots of respect for him even though we agree like, never. Lol.


LordJumpMad wrote:

I have in both.
but you do not want to know who I met in real life >.>

Shhh, don't tell anyone.


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I can't remember who, but I found another NL user while playing TF2.



I saw tendoboy on GameSpot once

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I've seen electromastro on youtube a few times as well as a couple of users (don't remember their names atm). EDIT: I believe I saw a comment from Swiket, too!
I saw sylverstone at Nintendo World before.
Seen some bros at Digitally Downloaded (waltzy!)

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