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What was the first game you played on your DS, and what were your impressions?
Mine was Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and I was really surprised that a game that used such a familiar formula still felt fresh and new. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I had only finished Aria of Sorrow not long before and it was great to play a sequel with such big improvements. I really loved it and I think it's partly why I have such a high opinion of the DS.

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Wario Ware Touched! I've had a lot of fun with it. It was not the support of the touchscreen that impressed me but the many little mini-games. I never thought that these simple games can be so entertaining. Never played a WarioWare game before and it was something new.



Phantom Hourglass... I actually bought it about a month before I got my own DS. The DS Zelda games are seriously amongst my favourite. I think it's a combination of the innovative controls and the toon link style that I love so much! Suffice to say, it was a more than impressive way to get started with the system! - Find us on facebook too!


Sonic Rush I probably wouldn't have chosen this game out myself, but it was the gift that came with the DS. I have to say, it was really a lot of fun, especially try to get all A ranks. Plus, it has DS Download Play, so my friends and I could play it together!

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Super Mario 64 DS, along with my Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt demo.



Super Mario 64 DS. Well The first game I played on my DS was Yoshi Topsy Turvy, but that's not a DS game I suppose.

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Super Mario 64 DS. The stylus controls really put me off to it and then, a couple weeks later, I discovered that it is compatible with buttons They work fine I suppose. Another thing that happened when I first played that game and the DS, I wasn't aware that you had to push the card down to eject the cartridge so the first time removing the game I just kind of clawed it out. Luckily I discovered the proper way to eject the very next time I did so I don't think I caused any damage

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Pokémon Platinum, it came with my DS. I was going to get Heart Gold as my first game but as Platinum was with DS I thought I could buy HG later. It took few months before I finally bought HG as I found many other games I want and they were cheaper.

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Super Mario 64

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Phantom Hourglass loved the stylus controls and was my fav DS game until Spirit Tracks.

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What!? I had the VA on japanese, no worries. Plus, it's EXTREMELY addicitng, and I still have it 6 years later.

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Warioware Touched (beat the game in a single day. For a long time, I gave up on 100% until last year when I got the last few flowers late summer-early fall)

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New Super Mario Bros
I got it along with Nintendogs and Brain Age with the launch of the DS Lite.
I was pretty amazed the first time I played it...The Super bright screens were incredible, and the colors were so vivid and bright and the contrast was excellent compared to what we got with the GBA SP. The coolest thing for me about NSMB easily had to of been the mini mushroom....running across water, jumping off walls and getting insane amounts of air never felt so good hehe.

But what really suprised me were some of the touch screen controlled mini games. in the Mini game 'Bo-Bomb Squad' It felt so awesome using the Stylus to raise back the sling shot as seen below to blast away the incoming Para-Bombs, while protecting your Power Flowers in your Garden. I know alot of these Mini games were apperantly in Super Mario 64 DS, but this was the first time I experienced them.

Anyways, New Super Mario Bros for the DS was quite the suprise. It was a fantastic game and did practically everything right. Although I wish it would of been a bit more difficult and more imaginitive, but it was a brilliant 2D return for Mario.


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I got mine for my birthday in March 2005 with Super Mario 64 DS and Warioware Touched


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I hope they make a sequel for the 3DS

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