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If the DSi LL's L and R buttons can actually survive in your pocket, I'll buy aq bunch. That is one of the main things I want in a handheld, buttons that don't die on you. ;_; All my 4-5 DS models are ruined.



I am definitely not getting it. I just bought my DSi a few weeks ago and I have a cool Dragon Quest IX slime case that matches the matte blue color perfectly. Plus, I don't want to repurchase the DSiWare games that I already downloaded on my current DSi.



My brother sayes he's getting it, I havn't told him about the weight yet though. XD

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Ummm. No.

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Even if I didn't already have a DSi, no way would I want this. I never bought an original DS, because I thought it was a big ugly tank, and this thing is about as awful.

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Uninterested in this.

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Blue+Protoman wrote:

Uninterested in this.

U don't want a bigger DS in that bra?


irken004 wrote:

Blue+Protoman wrote:

Uninterested in this.

U don't want a bigger DS in that bra?

He's probably waiting for something bigger..
I'll probably get the original dsi.

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Love it.
I hope to get one. It's just what I was hoping for. I don't ever play games while riding a motorcycle so theres no reason I need a really dinky system anyway. Most of the best retail games are long playing adventures that I'd play indoors or in bed before sleep anyway, so this is perfect. I still have the old clamshell anyway and it's plenty small for me, I could care less about it's size. I'm not a teenager so it's not like I'm sneaking it into class or something. Web browsing should be a lot nicer on this, too. From what I've heard the browser is lots better on the DSi now, so this will be even nicer, the ancient one I have is horrible.
I'm sure it'd be frustrating to those who got a DSi and want this if you already got lots of DSiware games, but it's not the end of the world. The card slot is still there. Just sell it and point out the cost of the games included; add that to your selling price. big deal.



Well put, Ren.
I don't know about this DSi LL. I like my DSi at the moment, but nintendo could have made it better. I would like to see Ninty put a 2mp (minimum) camera in this new model, because 0.3mp is way too low-res. If they end up doing that, then i could see myself selling my DSi and getting a DSi LL. Just MABYE, though.


irken004 wrote:

Blue+Protoman wrote:

Uninterested in this.

U don't want a bigger DS in that bra?

I thought the same exact thing when I saw his avatar

Oh, and I'm happy with my DSi, so no, I would only buy an LL if my DSi broke. Plus, I don't wanna lose all my DSiware.....

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Too big to carry around. I liked to play games on the metro to work, so while something like this could fit in my work bag, smaller is definitely better, so I can put it in a case and keep it nice, have all the games together, etc., without taking up too much room.

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Uh, no. They should just call it the DSi Phat.


R U kidding me? No effin way I'm invalidating a system I got 6 months ago that I payed $100 for! Sorry if I seem outrage-ish

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Dsi LoL


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i will get it, but i dont think as soon as its released, what would happend if Nintendo announce another DSi once the XL is released? that would screw me like when they announced the XL

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OH HECK NO!! I already have a DSi and DS Lite, and Nintendo excpets me to buy this DSi XL and be ripped off!? NO WAY!!



Basically, the DSi LL is just an overweight DSi with a bigger screen, making everything look streched and more pixelated. Sacrifice portability to make things look worse and to increase the charging time? Eww.

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