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already have DS fat and DSi so probably not. Nintendo needs to quit tempting me!



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Not me. I have a DSi; and, while I do wish for larger screens, I'm not so sure about that gigantic size. I'd have to see it in person. Besides, I want my DSiWare. Although, the size would be easier for me, since I'm a girl who can carry around a purse. LOL

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Sixthed everything said here.


Well, Mama Luigi #3 is thinking of getting one, though.



.....Hmm...That's the only source I've seen so far stating an NA release.... What's their source? I don't see one. Could they have mistaken the Europe announcement to also be an NA announcement?

Edit: Never mind. I just realized that IGN directly asked Nintendo. Should have read the full article before searching for a source link. LOL.

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Forget it im not.i got a DSi with a few games

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Even owning 2 DS phats, 5 DS lites, and 2 DSis, I'm gonna get a DSi XL. Call me crazy



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I want to buy a DSi this Xmas or next year.
I want to see the DSi LL screen en movement to considere it; and also depends on the price (In Chile a DSi cost US $245 )

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IMO these are not aimed at current gamers at all ,this is just another way in which to entice even more people to buy a DS,probably older people or those who only want to use it at home etc. I think it's good that Nintendo is catering to everyone and still actively seeking out fresh custom.For people complaining about having just bought a DSi ,I understand their perspective but this is an insignificant upgrade and after the initial 5 min wow factor of the larger screens it would not make any difference to your playing experience except tired wrists . I just hope that this dosen't mean that a superpowered DS is now futher away than I was expecting, I hope not.

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Not coming anytime in the near future, VGP.

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@VGP How do you play galaxy with a d-pad?

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Too big screens! The games are not made for that size! Plus I want a DSi this year, I don't want to wait another year for my DSiWare games. I understand where they come from making it, but from screenshots it looks a little ugly...



I don't have a DSi, so there are no actually bad things if I buy this piece of technology. ...BUT ( )!!! it all comes down to if the normal DS/DSi games still look normal on the system, so I'll wait for a hands on before I go any further in this discussion.

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@waltzelf: good point... i mean, they won't even transfer games from DSi to DSi unless one of 'em's busted. if there's no way to do it, there's no way whatsoever I'd be tempted to upgrade (even though it's not really an upgrade, but whatev').

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Nintendo can release whatever they want--just because they make something doesn't mean I have to buy it. What worries me is that this investment in new technology isn't gonna be recouped (Gameboy Micro anyone?) and it's just gonna be another behind-the-scenes way that Nintendo needs to release new uninspired minigame content to pad their losses. It's just too big....There's a reason I don't take my gen 1 PSP anywhere--it's just large (compared to the DS) enough to be a pain to transport! My gen 1 Gameboy Advance is much more portable, despite the sizeable technology gap.

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Already have a DS lite and a DSi, so no.

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I'm not getting it for sure because I (like a lot of people) already have a DSi. The only thing that can make me buy another DS is if they have a DSi with a gameboy slot. That's what I think Nintendo should have done with the DSi LL.

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I have a DSi nerf case and my DSi with the nerf case is probably the same size of this new DSi.

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