Topic: DS Lite better than DSi?

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SSBbrawler08 wrote:

C'mon, think about it... DS Lite is great but you can really only play DS and GBA, the DSi can play DS games, use the super special awesome camera, the sound recorder, play your tunes, and buy games on the DSiWare shop. DSi all the way!!!

But it's like..a multimedia device now. I'm thinking in terms of games

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If I might kill two birds with one stone, the DSi-enhanced Korg DS-10 Plus retail game which has been recently announced proves that DSi enhanced or exclusive carts can not only use the improved technical abilities of the DSi to work with the cameras, but also in order to expand the game's core capabilities.

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LinktotheFuture wrote:

Right now, it is up to personal preference, but when the DSiVC is launched, it will be hard for me to believe that the DS Lite would still be considered superior.

DSiVC won't happen but it's a likly feature of the DS successor which is Nintendo is in the middle of devoloping & it satarted well before Nintendo started devoloping the DSi.



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