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Talk about the warioland games and how great they would be on the 3ds virtual console here.



I'm sure we'll see at least the first three Wario Land games on the VC, it's Wario Land IV I wonder about. I love them all, but the original release, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is my all-time favorite. Bring it on!

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Yeah these will obviously be released at some point. No reason the first three can't be.
I'd download them all without hesitation. I still have my Warioland 4 GBA cart. I was really impressed with that one!
It would be great to get them all.

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I look forward to the eventual release of the Wario land series on 3DS vc but I don't mind too much if Wario land 4 doesn't get a release on the service as I still have my original DS so I can buy it off the internet and use my DS to play it. I would like to see VB Wario land though.


4 is, at least for me, easily the best game in the series. But I think I was just too young to grasp the first 3 games' difficulty and obtuse level design when they first came out. I'm excited to replay them and see if I was wrong (assuming they come to the VC).

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Apparantly too young to remember the first one, too. The crazy design and "knockback" difficulty" didn't debut until the second game. The first one is a pretty standard platformer, well made, and quite easy.



Wario Land 3 is one of my all-time favorite games. It is the perfect wario game.
I can't wait to play it again in my 3DS.

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I would like to see them come to the 3DS VC. The only game I ever played in the series was the Virtual Boy Wario Land and that was easily the best game on the VB. For some reason I just never got around to playing the other ones.

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Ah, I miss those games...not sure if I played the 4th one though. But 3 was the most memorable for me...I hope that's released at some point.

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I only owned Wario Land 2 & 4 (plus Shake It!), so I'm really excited to get my hands on the remaining games in the series. While 4 was an awesome game and had so many memorable stages and tunes, Wario Land 2 still remains my all-time favorite Wario Land game. Actually, it's one of my favorite games of all-time! That game just had everything: tons of levels, hidden exits, hidden levels, and secret endings! I completed 100% of it, which certainly took a while.

Haven't played the game for ages now, as I just can't enjoy it anymore with the non-backlit screens of my GBC and GBA, and it seems like the save battery's dead too. Naturally, this game is one of my most anticipated upcoming games on the VC, even more anticipated than the Wario Lands I never got to play!

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I only played the first one, and one path through the original non-GBC version of the second.
Loved the first, didn't like the second one as much for being different (in that it had an emphasis on puzzle-solving rather than the traditional Mario platforming). But I should play it again sometime. That's probably not such a bad thing.



I've only played Shake It. I remember really wanting Wario Land 4 for my GBA, though, but I never got it. Anyway, I hope at least one of the Wario Lands makes it to the VC soon. And perhaps WL4 is one of the ambassador games.


Looks like Wario Land 3 has been rated and Mario Land 2 isn't even out in Europe yet. That was fast. Hopefully we'll see it by the end of the year.

@Stine: Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Wario Land 4 is one of the five unannounced GBA ambassador games.

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I demoed all the games. Wario Land 1 moves just way too slow. Everything about it is slow, slow, every day, all the time. He walks slow, falls slow, jumps slow, and dies slow. They seem to have improved upon it in 2, but not by much. But III is where it's really at. He moves faster, the gravity works fine, the levels are a clear path, and It's got funny little cutscenes too. I just wish I hadn't got stuck in one of the city levels. If Wario Land III ever comes out on VC, I'll be sure to look up how to clear that part online. Wario Land isn't too shabby, but im not a big fan of the treasure hunting aspect of the game. Nothing irritates me more than clearing a level, only to be told "You didn't find the key. Go back and do it again or you don't get to play the rest of the game."

...I'm hoping WarioWare comes to VC someday, if only to play Twisted for the first time. ( *is aware there are no plans for GBA on eShop ... yet. )

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I've just thought if Warioland 2 comes to the eshop (and im betting it will) do you think it will be the gameboy version or the gameboy color version.



@ baloonman
Doubt It'll be the color version of Warioland 2. Look at how often we are getting color games as it is.
No other ones have even been rated yet.

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So far, there aren't any gameboy games on the eShop that I am aware of, that even have alternate colored versions.

My money is on the color version, just so they can charge a little more for it.

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@ pocket_arsenal
There weren't really a whole lot of Gameboy games with a color and non color version.
Warioland 2 and Link's awakening were the only two I knew of.
Some others were colorized too but only in Europe I think.

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