Topic: Games you abused the save state feature on

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Super Mario Bros and Metroid 1, I also put one at the beginning of the thing you see after beating Kirby extra mode (the thing with the enemy names)

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Gargoyle's Quest. It was just annoying near the end.

yeah. That final boss was awful.

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Super Mario Land 2 - Final round against Wario.
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. I've died well over 200 times already.


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Only game I abused the save state on was the original Zelda. Other than that I just ignore the feature.

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I've abused it on Lost Levels too, I'm probably not ready for it if i can barely get past world one with save states

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mrpickles221 wrote:

I've abused it on Lost Levels too, I'm probably not ready for it if i can barely get past world one with save states

No. I'd say World 4 is the point where it starts to get legitimately hard (and World 4 is the only one you can't warp past).



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Donkey Kong and Mario's Picross as far as I can remember

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Every game. It allows me to focus on mastering tricky parts without having to play entire levels (or the entire game over if I die). It's great because I can enjoy beat games and not get frustrated by wasting times on parts I've mastered already over and over again. I really don't have time to play a game over and over and over again to beat it. There are just too many games for that!

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If you mean the restore points:

Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Land

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super mario bros.
super mario land 2

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Zelda 2, but my patience ran out and I just wanted to finally beat it without getting too frustrated that I'd lose interest. Too spoiled by games these days.

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So who else will be adding Super C to their abused save state list now?

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Pikminsi wrote:

So far I'm resisting it in HL 2

Woah, when did they port Half-Life 2 to the 3ds vc?



Come on guys, Donkey Kong'94 is not that hard! The only truely hard level is the last one, DK is a @#!* but you have plenty of lives by the time you fight him.

I abuse of the feature in Super Mario Bros. I didn't have much time to beat it so I saved after each hard level starting in World 4 or 5.

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Of course Super mario Bros.: The Lost Levels! That game is as hard ashell!

Forever Super Mario Sunshine! Come on! I grew up with that shizzle!

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Electricmastro wrote:

Super Mario Land 2 near the end.

Me too, I also abuse it on Super Mario Land because it does not save otherwise.

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