Topic: When will you get your 3DS?

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Clinker wrote:

VolpeStella wrote:

1. Preorder ASAP

I'll be doing this because I've been craving for a new handheld since my DS Lite's hinge broke back in 2009 (I still play it, it's just floppy and really annoying), if I had gotten a DSi back in holiday season 2009 like I originally planned, then I would of waited at least until holiday season 2011. I'm glad my birthday is in March.

Me too,Clinker.

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Ehh, we'll see when. I may try to hold up until I can combine some money from work and money from being borns before I take the plunge though.

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When Megaman Legends 3 gets a release date



The day it comes out, of course. I did that with my DSi, why not this too?

wont be on here anymore


alrdy preordered it at 2 places (in case one of them dosent get them) im getting it at day one and it will be AWESOME!



I already have mine in my pocket. Zelda 64 3D is awesome

Jk - fracking pre ordered 1st chance I had at gamestop.



I'm looking to preorder at least one next pay. I'll worry about games once I know which ones are launch titles down here.

The question is which one to pick, blue or red...?

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Hm well Probably by birthday which is a few months after 3DS releases( 25th July)
But, if I have money, I may get it at launch!

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im getting it a soon as possible

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When the price drops or I start making more money. I hate being poor.


Probably in June, for my birthday. If not, then Christmas. If not then, then my next birthday, and and so on and so forth.


We spent too much this Christmas, so I won't be getting the thing any time soon.

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Ive been saving up 220 bucks since Spetember.
First day, obviously.

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Day one, no matter what it takes.... devilish grin

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  • When there are at least a handful of games I'm interested in.
  • When I can get a good discount on a lightly used one and not feel guilty that I've wasted money unnecessarily, money that could go towars furnishing it with games.

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R-L-A-George wrote:

Warning Wal-Mart is going to be like Black Friday on the release day and parents are like animals along with gamers that don't come out of their house often.

Haha, I would laugh if that actually happened. Just laugh.XD

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Well since I just sold my DSi I'll get it on day one. Can't pre-order it here yet though
There's not even a release date for Europe yet even though it's supposed to be in like 2 months...

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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