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Wow seriously i watched a utube trailer for skylanders and i was kinda blown away by it!

Game look's great and how game works is even more impressive.
Each version of game can be bought on 3DS, Wii, PS3, 360 all come in the form of starter pack which will set u back £60 for - 3 figures, 1 portal, and the skylanders game.

There are 32 character figures in total to collect am guesting these will be sold separate.

Each skylander has there own unique look and special moves.

1. basically you put a figure on the portal which is like plastic stand which lights up.

2. Then you push down on it Which turns on a blue light underneath portal.

3. Have your 3DS in your hand with the game inserted positioning it over figure and portal.

4. And your 3DS with its AR feature will read figure and bring it to life in your hands in matter of seconds!!

Not only does it look great! but as you play with your character you will level up.

Also you will gather experience, money, and costumes which will be saved to chosen skylander figures for transfer.

which then can be taken to other versions of game on PS3, 360, Wii and continue your adventure on big screen!

Producer of game said all information eg. coins, costumes, experience can saved on to each figure!! and transfer to different systems simply by putting them on different portals that come with different game systems!

So crazy but it looks so cool.

Starter pack for 3DS comes with - Skylanders: spyro's adventure game, 3 figures Dark Spyro, Steath elf, Ignition plus 1 portal for around £60

You can check there website for more information.


I cant wait try it out:)

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I'm excited for both handheld and console versions - providing I can read some good, objective reviews, I will be getting the 3DS one at launch next week, and hopefully the console one (PS3) the week after. I love the idea of training up heroes and being able to use them in both games. The 3DS one looks like some fun platforming action, and the console one looks great for co-op play!


That actually sounds like alot of fun, I´ll have to check that out! (Just bought my 3DS today! so happy!)

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SteveVice wrote:

Just bought my 3DS today! so happy!

Great system with a lot of good games on the way so I'm sure it won't let you down.
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I've been interested in this for a long time. I'm going to wait on reviews though.

I still HATE Spyro's design. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be punched.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Is the portable really necessary with the 3DS's camera/AR mode?

Yes, purely because of the fact that otherwise, it would not be compatible with the console versions. At least with the 3DS versions, you can scan two figures and then they save to your card, by the sounds of it, so you don't need the portal with you all the time.


I want to try it can u post a link to the vid

. Heads up my name online on the 3DS and Xbox Live is Bubbab5 to let you guys know. My 3DS FC 5412 9927 8618


I saw the advertisement boxes at GameStop over the weekend. I was wondering why this game was so expensive. Now I know why.



So it's kind of like purchasing additional characters via DLC, but that DLC comes with a real life action figure. Okay, I'll give it a whirl. It reminds me a bit (a very small bit) of magiquest. You bought wands and completed tasks and leveled up. That info was saved onto the wand so that if you traveled to a different magiquest you could continue with your old data. Thankfully the graphics look better than magiquest.

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If the portal works cross platform than I'd buy a copy of the game for my Wii AND 3DS so I can play it on the go as well as on the big screen.

My SD Card with the game on it is just as physical as your cartridge with the game on it.
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They completely destroyed the Spyro I know and love. Now he looks like some kind of troll. Won't even think about getting this.
See the difference? Why would they change such a great design int something so fugly?


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So... Anyone besides me playing this and realising it's actually a pretty good game with a lot to do in it?


Yeah got the 360 version at the weekend and am enjoying it. Getting the 3DS version tomorrow. I love the idea of collecting the different characters and them all having different abilities. However I cannot get the website to work with portal or web codes but I am sure that will be sorted...

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I'm quite excited for this title, which is a first for a Spyro game, but oh jesus Sypro what did they do to your face. He looks like a crude parody of Spyro rather then the real thing.

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wanna try it and see some impressions.

I know I know DM666 has the game. saw him playing it and its set as his favorite game.


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I kind of want it...but it's ungodly expensive...

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crazyj2312 wrote:

I kind of want it...but it's ungodly expensive...

That. I really looks fun, but 60 $ for a 3DS game is a bit too much

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Blue_Rover wrote:

Yeah got the 360 version at the weekend and am enjoying it. Getting the 3DS version tomorrow. I love the idea of collecting the different characters and them all having different abilities. However I cannot get the website to work with portal or web codes but I am sure that will be sorted...

The console version is pretty good as well; I've played single and multi-player and it's great either way! I like that you can preview the different characters with little films to see how they'll play to see if you would want to get them.

Not tried the website yet; will have to do that. The 3DS is a completely different game in its own right but it's also great.


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