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Just announced from the Pokemon Nintendo Direct!

Gen. 6 is actually here!

A worldwide October 2013 release is set for Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS!


I'm super excited!
Yet a little in awe that Gen. 5 is already coming to a close.

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I'll wait for Pokemon Z

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Bah, thought I'd quit gaming, but I'm only alluding myself. It looks good, the Battle scenes I mean. A bit worried about the overworld though, but I'm sure nine months is enough for some polishing. The last Pokemon game I've played was Yellow, think now's a good time to jump in the Poke Wagon. Will definitely get the version with the Legendary bird.

Yeah, definitely going with Froakie, Bet he'll be busting up an ace beard once he's fully evolved.

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Interesting use of letters for the version names. Then again, there's only so many colors.

The question is: Pokemon Z or Pokemon X2 and Y2?

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I said I'd be happy as long as the next game was on 3DS. I didn't lie.
Graphics are bloody awesome, Pokémon are looking good so far, and the worldwide October release is the cherry on top of a delectable cake... And I love cherries...
My only criticism would be that the Pokémon designs look a little bit "complex" this time, which I hope doesn't become a trend, but I'm sure I'll get used to that. I'll likely be going with Chespin.
I'm sure this will be an amazing game and it also looks a lot more free in the overworld which will be wonderful, so props to Gamefreak. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this in the future.
And did I mention simeltanious worldwide release?

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Wonder how many new creatures will be added... Wonder if ALL old ones will be able to be transferred/caught somehow. Crazy

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If you can't tell from my fennekin( I think) avatar, I'm pretty exited for this. And I guess around 100 new 'mon in this generation.

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I'm so freaking excited, yet at the same time a bit annoyed. My wallet can never get a break, can it? And now I have likely 100+ new Pokémon to learn how to draw....

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I am so freakin' excited, I havn't been excited for a new pokemon since Diamond & Pearl and you know why? because Gamefreak were rehashing the series up until black/white/black2/white2, I just hope I don't have to import pokemon from the latest games because I haven't even laid a finger on them. Can you believe it's taken GameFreak 16 years (this is including the Jap release of Red & Green) to make a proper full 3D Handheld Pokemon RPG? Well it's about time and for the right console! OMG Squee! This is gonna rock!!

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I think I'm going to go with Chespin for my starter.

So what's going to be strange, is there's a big chance we might not know the whole Pokedex before the game comes out like all the others. Discovery!

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This is gonna be great, like you don't even know



I wonder if we can run diagonal yet. It didn't look like it.

Graphics look a bit bad but all 3DS games do in 2D. Most wanted 3DS game now.

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It looks a little odd, I wonder if there were any other major changes aside from the graphics.
I'm getting Froakie and the deer legendary.

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There goes non-stop Animal Crossing after the release

Seriously, this new generation is looking amazing so far! The X-version and Fennekin it is!

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I'm going for Pokemon X. I will most likely choose Froakie!



i'm getting both copies of these games and an extra one for my son. good thing my birthday is that month. I will be getting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in March and playing it until october when this game comes out

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LordJumpMad wrote:

I'll wait for Pokemon Z


EDIT: And they better have some Black 2/White 2 events between now and October. I need a reason to go back to that game, and if they don't give me one, I'm not sure how much faith I'd have in this "Gen 6."

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