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My 3ds randomly started making weird sounds and began lagging on the main menu. i decided to reset it and now the screen is black and the 3Dlight is on. What could this be? Has anyone else had this issue? Should i see if I should have it repaired?



This sounds almost exactly like the problem my old PS3 had. It turned out to be a major issue with the 'motherboard' - where something had been broken/destroyed.

It started off doing weird things during games etc., then it got severely worse. Until eventually it reached Zombie mode (turns on, but does NOTHING else).

Seriously contact Nintendo.

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Tasuki wrote:

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Contact Sony
To see they can replace it with a Vita.

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This is more common with Portable Systems. You could throw it, sit on it, spill liquids on it, there are tons of methods of destruction that makes the handheld systems more likely to break than the consoles. These things happen frequently, it happened to me about a million times. The best thing to do is to contact Nintendo, and if you have you warranty still available, then you could be in a good situation. Just don't go insane and think that it's the end of the world, there are hundreds of thousands of folks like you who had a problem with a portable gaming system before like this.

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This happened to me.

You have to pour water on the 3DS (sparkling water works the best), and then stick it in the freezer overnight and it will come out just like new. It will reset to factory settings though.

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My 3DS is going bad after 2,000 hours of use (1/2 listening to music, half gameplay). The analog stick is a bit unresponsive (on the calibration screen, when you move it, it shows the registered movement, & the system is slow to catch on to me letting go of the circle pad) now, so Ive been using it less. I'm also refraining from getting games for it until I get a replacement. Hey, 2,000 hours since launch. That's a decent lifetime considering how much I used it, though it could've lasted longer.
Edit: By the way, either buy a new one or contact Nintendo (which is cheaper to get a replacement from I'm betting, unless you want a different color, XL, or limited edition). I might get a new color when I get my replacement, though I want a new 3DS for less, so I may have to compromise.

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