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I've noticed the "ghosting" as well, especially in Rayman 3D, but with that said, it seems that the more I've played my 3DS the less ghosting I see. I think Corbie was dead-on when we stated that we have to adjust to using 3DS.

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Yeah I think its a case of adjusting too. No way could I play Pilotwings with full 3D when I first got it,now though no problem . I see the ghosting on the Pilots card but I never noticed it in game.I'm too busy looking at the Jet pack, its looks so real I shown it to my 4 year old daughter and her first reaction was to try and grab it. Thats how good this is!! Who cares about some (very minimal) ghosting?!

What's this bit for again?


anyone have this problem when playing with the AR cards?

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I noticed this while playing AR Games.


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It's mostly the sweetspot thing. You just have to get better at finding it fast and keeping still. It's really not that bad. Also you have to resist holding it too close to your face, especially with Pilotwings, the 3rd person thing in general is really hard on the eyes. The Plane mode in 1st person is coolest but everything else with the foreground guy visible is very hard on the brain since it's pretty intense 3D. Kinda works too well for it's own good, not natural on the eyes though.



Phobos wrote:

It doesn't really have anything to do with the 3-D effect itself. Our eyes, and the focus of the retina isn't perfect when trying to focus on more than one object at different distances. Therefore, it affects our perspective on how the 3-D projects the two seperate images. So, if you're focusing on one object, the second eye that is receiving the other image isn't all available, thus the ghosting in our eyes. It's shifty.

Do this little experiment: Hold a finger close to your face and focus on it with both eyes. Notice how distant objects double up? Now focus on a distant object with your finger still where it is. Now your finger will double up!

Do the same with one eye shut..... no doubling!

This isn't really the problem with the 3DS because there isn't actually a "3D world" behind the 3DS screen. It's all a clever illusion.... but I guess that means the developer has to work around that. One of the reasons why "in your face" 3D fails so hard I'd assume. (note: I'm thinking out loud here but I can't quite find the words for it so.. do the experiment and think about it and it might make sense)

but yeah, original post.. there is a thread on crosstalk somewhere which would be worth reading. Also if you look at any decent tech review site and find their section on 3D TVs they go on and on about this sort of thing. Very common problem with 3D for all sorts of reasons.

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skywake wrote:

Do this little experiment: Hold a finger close to your face and focus on it with both eyes. Notice how distant objects double up? Now focus on a distant object with your finger still where it is. Now your finger will double up!

The 3DS camera's parakeet mentions that same example.


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I haven't played Rayman 3D, but I just keep hearing about the bad ghosting problems with it. I know the only time I have really seen any problem with it is when I don't hold the 3DS at the right angle, and its almost stuck between a 3-D and 2-D image. Other than that though, I have never seen ghosting while I was actually playing in 3-D.

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Not living in the hi-tech world I was unaware of this problem.
But it's called crosstalk and it's to do with the response time of LCD screens being too slow, which would explain why I could still see double even with 1 eye.
So this is here to stay. "Incredible absolutely incredible" LOL



Did anyone read my post? If there is any crosstalk going on it should be very subtle, to the point where you can barely see it, and only in high-contrast situations. Otherwise, it's because you're not holding the 3DS quite right.

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