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From making a purchase?

I know a good rating makes pepople buy a game .. It can either make or break a game, Has any game Surprissed you regarless of the rating that was given?



Yes it does. If I go to a place like and a large group of sites are saying a game is mediocre then at that point I'm inclined to believe them. Beyond that, if I was interesting in a game that didn't get a good rating, I'll wait a bit and then check out a site like Amazon where people leave comments about products within the product sales page. These places are usually a good spot to find some real comments from regular people who have played the game.



I am a button basher fan so most games of that ilk get mid to low scores, so yeah I have definitely bought games that got average scores, maybe not low though.

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Yea I don't really care about ratings or reviews because they tend to be opinions which may not reflect my own. One game that I liked that kind of got low review scores was this platformer Flips twisted world it has problems but is still fun.



sometimes, not usually though

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I might if several sources seem to be agreeing that a certain game is bad. For example, I was all set to get the Sims 3 for the 3DS. I'd even pre-ordered it. But after seeing the terrible reviews it got from several completely unrelated sources, I cancelled my pre-order and put the money towards nintendogs+cats, which I'm glad I got.

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if IGN gives it a low score then NO
if Famitsu, NP, or Nl does then Yes/Maybe

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it really, really depends on the game in question. :3

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For the MOST parts, yes.

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Depends of the game and the differences in the ratings. If they all say that the game has bad controls and give it an 6 I might not get it. If it is bad graphics/good gameplay I always get it if I want.

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A big thing these days is no multiplayer can drop a score down.. I also enjoy a single player experience. If it gets at lest an 8 ill get it a 7 almost makes it a no Go.



The score is one of the things I take into consideration. At the very least, it makes me check more sources and carefully read the reasons for the low scores. It also tends to make me wait for a lower price if I'm still interested after reading everything.

There are a few 3DS titles I'm interested in buying, but not enough to pay full price. Some I'm willing to buy at $29.99, others at $19.99. I am only willing to pay full price if I am almost completely certain I will love the game (Ocarina of Time for 3DS, Super Mario Galaxy for Wii). Now, a good demo can change my mind, as I can make my own decision while taking the reviews into consideration.

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Dependent on many things, including the credibility of the reviewer :3



pretty much. I mean, there are plenty of games given low scores in reviews written by monkeys, but if the opinion is anywhere close to unanimous or if the more logical reviews don't say it's worth it, I'll probably not get it.

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From making a purchase?

I know a good rating makes pepople buy a game .. It can either make or break a game, Has any game Surprissed you regarless of the rating that was given?



It sort of depends WHY it gets a not so good review. For example, replayability is way more important a factor in my book than graphics. Now if a game gets truly truly awful scores across multiple reviews then chances are I won't be buying (unless its a Nintendo game. I will still consider a purchase in this case.)

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No. What it will do, though, is make me do more research on a title. Videos, screenshots, reviews from gamers who like that sort of game. A review score is only an indicator, not the answer.

I actually end up looking at highly reviewed games more, wondering why people like it...



A game that surprised me that got sub par ratings was Suikoden 2.



If a game I was interested in gets negative reviews I will check to see if it got good reviews as well or check what regular people that have played the game thought of it. If most people think its bad then I will likely not get it but if there are still a good amount of positive reviews or impressions of it then I will get it depending on the game, what reasons there were for the negative reviews and how respectable these reviewers are.


If its a virtual console or a retro game in general then the answer is no. I guess I like to collect the retro titles even if they are not so good. If its a new full price release than I consider it, but I try to play a demo or watch gameplay footage from You Tube to help me in my purchasing decsions. Also it depends on the reviewer. Some reviewers are great (such as former IGN reviewer Mark Bozon) and take the job very seriously and some just like to make snarky, tasteless jokes. I generally avoid those reviews and disregard whatever score they give the game.

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