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Well i'm 21, bought my own 3DS and stuff so yeah...that's how I was able to get one this early.

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Buying a system at launch is a good feeling- kinda. I had used some of my Christmas money and when I got a job began 'funding' my 3DS. It's the first system I ever bought at launch- ever. And a system I actually used my own money for (I think I spent $50 of my Christmas money on it and the rest were payments from having a job- one that sucked). Being a student isn't easy when loan payments are on your mind which is why I'm contemplating on actually taking a year off to save some money before things pile up. I'm getting a mild taste of life and it's debts. It sucks. And I'm only 19 and pay some of the cell phone bill that my brother uses mostly compared to my measly 14 txt messages and 30 minutes of calling a month (curse his stupid iPhone)

Oh, and man, there's lot's of older people here. I'm surprised, to be honest.




why you suprised by us older folks... first gen home consoles were from 1972 onwards
Try not to think of us as older, just think of us a Experienced. lol

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lol I suppose. Just an impression thinking that 3DS are for kids. That's something I don't believe in AT ALL, but the general public.



I'm 14 and my bro is 11. We both got one.

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I'm 26 and a student. Been forced to switch to eating even cheaper food then usual to make up for the money but it was possible



OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'm 23. 'nuff said.

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Average 323.86



Mowzle wrote:

@Rob_mc_1 - I love it! Logan's Run 1976. Is that an indication of your age, or are you just a geek for old movies?

If I were in Logan's Run I would have a few more years yet. I have the movie though.

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im 14 with a part time job so it was pretty easy to get the money. bought mine on launch day

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35 for 10 more days.

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Rob_mc_1 wrote:

Average 323.86


Erm yes, well just judging from this straw poll it seems that the average age of 3DS owners lies somewhere between 25-26.

Cheers guys 'n galls. Thanks for all your input.


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Looks like the average is 20 to 30, I'm 22 and jobless....My parents helped me for my Birthday, I have a small bit of fluctuating income though and I'm on my one with most of the games.


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I'm 16 and I got one at launch with PR, SSIV & a carrying case. I don't have a job, but I saved $5 every week from my allowance since it was announced, along with some leftover money my parents gave me for a vacation we went on in California last summer and part of the money I got back when I sold my Lollapalooza ticket when I couldn't go, since I never keep anywhere near the $300-ish I'd need to get it at launch.

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Holy cow I thought I was old to be playing games... Apparently I'm under the average lol.

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Well I'm 14 and just got a job. (2 days a week) After working a bit extra in the holidays that just finished I'll be able to buy a 3DS in just one paycheck. (I'm enjoying being able to spend $350 like that while I still can)

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Emil987 wrote:

Holy cow I thought I was old to be playing games... Apparently I'm under the average lol.

Too old...are you kidding? I'll probably still be playing video games long after my future kids have locked me away in an old folks home.

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