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Since 2013 is really such an awesome year like many times stated and proven, what do you think will come 2014?
Will it be able to top 2013?

Here are my predictions:

  • no F-Zero (I believe it will still come around 2013 christmas time)
  • Smash Bros (I think they WILL make it until the end of 2014 and have it in a similar way like Monster Hunter 3ds/Wii U)
  • Monster Hunter 4 (for Europe)
  • New Golden Sun game
  • New Metroid game, also coming with some kind of connection to a Wii U version
  • I do believe in a Mortal Kombat game for 2014
  • DLC packs for Mario Kart around the time we'll get a Mario Kart U (wich I don't think will be in 2013)
  • New 3D Mario game similar to galaxies
  • Super Mario Sunshine remake for 3DS
  • Another Zelda remake, probably really Majoras Mask

your predictions?

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It's not a prediction, but I really hope we see a new 2D Metroid. I'm eager to see more of Monolith's 3DS game too. I suppose a Super Mario 3D Land 2 might be nice too, a full 3 years after the first one.



And are these "predictions" based on anything but what you want?

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Indeed yes. I was figuring since they are firing from all barrels this year, whats left for 2014?
I expect to see many new smaller eShop titles, like the guild-things and of course some new IPs from japan (like bravely default this year) but then I wondered: Whats left to show, and thats how my predictions came to be. It's not a wishlist.

About my Mario Kart prediction, I just think since they have the possibility that they will bring out Mario Kart U with likely some new tracks, that those tracks or even characters could be made available as DLC for Mario Kart 7, it would be like cross-boosting sales. It's just a gut feeling thought that they are not done yet with Mario Kart 7. I also still expect some kind of DLC for New Super Mario Bros 2.

And I am perfectly fine with that!

My final conclusion is, if they set such high standards with 2013, it would be bad to fall short of a solid 2014 lineup as it will look EVEN WORSE in comparison, even if in reality its maybe "just not as good", it will look "worse". Thats why I expect to see some heavy hitters of proven franchises.

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@Peach64 I agree to everything you said!

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I predict Bravely Default will come out by the beginning of the year. I will then no longer need another game for the rest of the year.

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2014 predictions?

  • A new Kirby
  • A new Warioware
  • A new Clubhouse Games
  • Konami will make a new 3DS Gradius

EDIT: Maybe a new Advance Wars

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I definitely hope a new Golden Sun gets announced soon enough.

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I personally predict we'll see the following:

1. A new Kirby title
2. A new Metroid title
3. Some sort of Wario game (either Land or Ware)
4. A new Donkey Kong Country game (as in not a remake/port)
5. Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympics
6. Majora's Mask 3D
7. Maybe a Pokemon remake of some sort

That's about it.

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Bravely Default Flying Fairy
Super Smash Bros. 4
Monolith Soft Project
Elite Beat Agents 2 (please)
Wario Land?
Donkey Kong Land?
A new Ice Climber?
A new Balloon Fight?
A game starring Mr. Game & Watch would be cool
Hopefully more N64 remakes
And hopefully a new IP

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Yoshi's Island 3DS will start the year off in February/March. Then...

-A new Resident Evil
-WarioWare 3DS
-Metroid Dread (!)
-New Mario 2D Game
-F-Zero 3DX

And the big AAA 1st party game... Non Specific Action Figure: The Game!


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I can't ask Nintendo for anything more than New Leaf.

Truly the year of 3DS. And it's only two years old. lol

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A Rocket Slime 3 localization for NA and Europe.

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i hate to say it but i think 2013 May be one of the final BIG YEARS for the 3ds.. would not shock me to see a new handheld shown in japan or even E3 at 2014 with a release in the FALL of 2014 Japan and Early 2015 here.



slidecage wrote:

i hate to say it but i think 2013 May be one of the final BIG YEARS for the 3ds.. would not shock me to see a new handheld shown in japan or even E3 at 2014 with a release in the FALL of 2014 Japan and Early 2015 here.

This. I predict that Nintendo will give the 3DS a more GBA-like lifecycle. GBA debuted in 2001 (in America) and was replaced about 3.5 years later with the DS. I think Nintendo will do the same with the 3DS as it moves to converge its handheld and console platforms into one device. Support for the 3DS will continue until about 2016 though. I think this is the biggest year the 3DS will see.

As far as games, next year will bring an Advance Wars for 3DS, a new Metroid (not necessarily 2D) and a new Kirby title.

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I will buy physical security copies of my retail download games.
And I cant wait for Super Smash

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Happy_Mask wrote:

And are these "predictions" based on anything but what you want?

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It seems unlikely that America wouldn't get Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, so I'm pretty sure that'll be released overseas sometime next year. I don't think it is outrageous to think that we'll see a western release of Fantasy Life in 2014 either. Also, Super Smash Bros. 3DS may be released next year, although I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped the bomb that it'll be a 2013 Q4 release either.

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I would say Smash Bros., but in interest of avoiding prolonged hyped waiting I don't expect it until 2015. Unless they say otherwise, and even then I'll remain skeptical since Sakurai is known for delaying games for perfection (which isn't a bad thing). Not to say there is no way it will be released 2014; I'm just keeping my expectations in check for the time being. And anyone hoping it will come out by the end of this year will be sorely disappointed, just saying.

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