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The release hype is no more, that new car smell has faded, and you have most likely played through the launch title games you wanted. Your opinions should be a lot clearer and more defined than the first week you had you were playing. So I am curious to how people feel about their purchase and the system now that it has been out for a month.

What is your favorite thing about the system so far? Any regrets? What would you tell someone that doesn't have the system yet?

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I still play it every day, but I actually play my DS games more than my 3DS games.
Although I still enjoy Pilotwings in short bursts, the initial fun has faded. I don't regret buying it, though.
I still have a ton of fun with Nintendogs, but after a while I find that I become platformer-starved and switch over to a game like Kirby SSU or Super Mario 64 DS.

Also, I haven't played AR games in a long time for some reason. Strange because that was the feature I was most excited about.
EDIT: Talking about not playing AR games made me want to play my AR games

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I loved it but returned it because of the BSOD. I plan on buying another one..Probably right after the May update is released. In the meantime I've been fooling around with my PSP and DS.



I've picked it up in the past few days, but only to check on friends.

Personally, I thought that the launch was strong, but none of those games were for me.

Also can't find myself playing DS games on the thing. Resolution doesn't make it feel right, nor is the uncomfortable D-pad.

I like it though, great potential, and it's not like Ninty is gonna release everything at once.


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I must admit, I'm disappointed with the software so far. The launch titles aren't anything to get excited about and the release schedule has been barely a trickle. It seems now that Nintendo launched too early with the system in order to get the initial profits into their 2010 fiscal.They should have waited to launch with online and eshop ready to go, and some decent titles to help move the system sales. Hopefully Zelda 3D will pick things up for them,but other than that,I'm not too excited about anything for it. Hopefully E3 will show a lot of good games for the 3DS.

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Now that everything has cooled down...well...I still love my 3DS. The only knock against it is a mostly subpar library. I've been playing mostly Find Mii, some AR Games, 3DS Camera and Ridge Racer. Other than that I've been playing just traditional DS games such as Okamiden. While I love my 3DS now. I love it's potential more.

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I knew these factors up front, but I don't like the select, home, and start buttons; the start button should've been mapped to the power button. I also don't like the small D-pad. However, the circle pad is great and will allow for better control in future 3DS games. The interface resembles the Wii, so it's adequate. As for the games, Pro Soccer and Super Streeter Fighter 4 are fun, and will keep me entertained until the next batch of 3DS games release. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to some exciting 3DS news at E3 2011.

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I've been waiting for the hype to die down to get some honest opinions about the 3DS. Still planning on getting one, but not until the end of the summer. By then, most quirks should be worked out and I'll have several great games to choose from.


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Get back to me next month

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love its potential, i use it everyday, mostly regular DS games except street fighter.
the camera is fast to pop out with the L or R button, for some quick 3d photos.

the may update is awaited eagerly.i really do hope the browser works fine,especially for youtube or even this forum.
typing on it might be awkyard at first, i recommend getting a used wacom pen for a stylus. that little thing hurts me after playing it. the wacom is larger, more ergonomic and smoother to play with. and old graphire one does the job fine.

all the wait and anticipation for the upcoming titles and updates keeps the console more than alive. i feel like a kid waiting for his xmas present.

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It's gathering dust while I play KOTOR and my GameCube. Zelda and Mario will change that though. :3

I'm really bugged that it plays DS games so terribly. Fuzzy pixel art and the crappiest d-pad I've ever laid my left thumb on = fail. >.<

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I don't use it almost at all. I don't use any of the apps and I don;t play any of the games I bought either. I use it solely for playing Pokemon White and that is it. I am really disappointed with the thing a month later and am desperately waiting for the major summer games to be release.

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What's with all the complaints about the D-Pad? I don't have a problem with it.


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Mars wrote:

the start button should've been mapped to the power button.

Also, I don't like that it doesn't have a matt finish, the location of the the stylus nor the fact that the upper screen is a dust magnet. Other than that I love it.

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It just doesnt have much great titles yet. Once Zelda releases, the rest will follow.

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I am still really excited for it, and it's hard not to buy one when I see it in stores. I was going to get one after the May update, but I'm worried about the BSOD being a hardware issue, so I may wait if the May update doesn't fix it. It's hard to wait, but I think I'm better off. I don't want to have to pay to ship it back to Nintendo to get fixed (I know it would be under warrantee, but still sending insured mail of that size isn't cheap).

It's still so hard to wait, even though I know I'd only be playing DS games on it for now! AHHHH!

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Tj92 wrote:

Also, I haven't played AR games in a long time for some reason. Strange because that was the feature I was most excited about.

It's called a 'gimmick'. It's what happens with those ;3

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Hm. Well, it might be just me, but after about five minutes of playing it, I tend not to notice the 3D effect. I find myself turning the 3D off and on again so it becomes more pronounced but it just fades away.
I'm not a big fan of the start, select and home buttons either but that's not a big issue. The games themselves are OK, there's nothing there I would buy in the middle of a console's life cycle (with the possible exception of Street Fighter).
The AR games are a bit underwhelming, they always seem to go out of focus, probably due to my erratic movements.
I haven't had any problems with the BSOD but then again that's because I've been too afraid to update the system.
The D-pad is fine for menus and what have you but not for a fully fledged control system.
Don't have a problem with the battery life, doesn't seem TOO short.
When the summer releases start cropping up, all will be well in the 3DS world, and despite all of the above, I still have very high hopes.
P.S: The BEST thing about it is the circle pad. It's wondrous.

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Their no game out there, for the 3DS, that show off it's true power.

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