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Tj92 wrote:

What's with all the complaints about the D-Pad? I don't have a problem with it.

I d'know, I just like mine to work without having to fight it. You have to mash down hard to get diagonals to work, and it feels incredibly cheap and flimsy. And it like shakes around in its socket. It's also in a hella uncomfortable position.

This is really making me wonder if I'm going to hate the eShop. A lot of old games require responsive controls, and the 3DS's d-pad isn't that.



pixelman wrote:

It's gathering dust while I play KOTOR and my GameCube. Zelda and Mario will change that though. :3

I'm really bugged that it plays DS games so terribly. Fuzzy pixel art and the crappiest d-pad I've ever laid my left thumb on = fail. >.<

Well you can blame the resolution for the fuzzy art. Also, I've had little trouble with the circle pad on DS games, but it does take some time to get used to it.

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Yeah, I absolutely can't stand analog controls for games designed for d-pads. Tried to get used to it, but it's absolutely awful IMHO.

And yeah, I know about the resolution. I wish they had an option to turn off the blur filter or something. I tried playing them at their original resolution and they were waaaaaayyyyy too small.



I'm still incredibly happy with mine. Being an upgrade from the DS Phat (which was kind of an ugly machine) I really like the design and it's so shiny. The 3D effect makes me giddier than I ever thought it would still to this day. Sure, its lacking in titles at the moment, but that will change, and I still like the roster of games I've built up so far. I dunno, it exceeded my expectations for it, and I play it a little every day. :3

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Yeah the Dpad does suck. Mine is stiff as hell and at times not very responsive. The system is alright in my mind at the moment. Will be much better soon, especially for me once the eshop hits. That will keep me busy for a while.



pixelman wrote:

And yeah, I know about the resolution. I wish they had an option to turn off the blur filter or something. I tried playing them at their original resolution and they were waaaaaayyyyy too small.

That wouldn't work - It would require the 3DS' screen to be at least double the size of a normal DS' because some pixels would translate to 1 and some to 2 pixels if they did that.



Favorite thing about the system is defiantly the 3D. The AR games is still awesome and the Camera is addicting.
I have absolutely no regrets with the system so far.

I didn't play it as much as week #1, but I still pick up Steel Diver and get a short 15 minute burst out of it. That and Pilotwings are great for playing in chunks.
As for right now i'm just waiting for bigger software, third or first party to hit the market, then i'll really spend long hours into it.
Ocarina of Time, just might be my first game to spend more than an hour playing in one sitting .

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The launch titles were a little disappointing, but I've been having enough fun with DS games and Pilotwings. Really enjoying Streetpass Quest, actually. Probably my favourite feature at this point.

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I love my 3DS! I'm still trying to 3 star all the missions in PilotWings, and I'm trying to master the Obedience trials in Nintendogs. I've had my fill with the AR games, and there only used when a friend wants to try them out now. from what I had read before release, I was really worried about the battery life, but I find that it's not an issue for me. My only complaint is that Nintendo still hasn't sent out any Nintendogs DLC through spotpass yet.


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Now that the novelty has worn off I'm just using it in 2D mode. I've been getting more enjoyment out of it that way. The 3D adds very little to the games that have been released so far. And until a game is released that requires the 3D slider to be turned on, it will just be a gimmick. But that may not happen because people who can't see the 3D or get headaches won't be able to play it.

Downloadable videos is where I think the 3DS will start to shine - IF Nintendo gets the service right.

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I still play mine almost every day. Mostly in short bursts since the games I've got work the best for it that way.
I play with the 3D off almost always. It was never really something that overly excited me. If I do turn it on it's usually to show it off to someone else.
I'm still enjoying the streetpass stuff like Find Mii and Puzzle Swap. I haven't gotten many but as I travel and more people get the system (probably when Zelda comes out) then I think it'll be much more active.

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Sure the initial luster has faded slightly but I still love my 3DS to death! I play Nintendogs every day, had a blast with Pilotwings though I haven't played it in a while, almost beat Monkey Ball which is quite fun every now and again, and I still have SSF4 sitting in the side lines as my go to online game. Plus I still have Steel Diver which I've barely scratched the surface of and plan to really play through soon. Plus I always listen to music on it and play my regular DS games a lot. And the 3D camera is still very nofty. I recently took a picture of my back yard while it was snowing. The snow looked REALLY cool in 3D! And then I've gotten a little over 10 hours out of the fantastic AR Games, and a few good hours out of Face Raiders. Yep, life with 3DS has been very good so far. Just a bit more time and the big gun known as the eShop will finally be rolled out. My 3DS will get a TON of game time after that since that will give my full access once again to my DSiWare library. Plus there will be the VC and 3DSWare to sink my teeth into. So yeah, no regrets at all thus far......except maybe one. I got the Cosmo Black 3DS but recently saw the Aqua Blue model in a store in person. I wish I had gone with blue because that color looks truly smexy when you see it on the actual console. The picture on the box SO does not do that color justice. Other than that though, I'm a happy guy!

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I play it here and there.

Waiting for the sweet eShop and lovely Zelda, Star Fox, etc.



LoopyLuigi wrote:

The launch titles aren't anything to get excited about and the release schedule has been barely a trickle. It seems now that Nintendo launched too early with the system in order to get the initial profits into their 2010 fiscal.

they backed off with their 1st party games at launch to give 3rd party developers a place on the system. sort of a nice gesture to help avoid the bad experience 3rd parties had on the wii. so even if they had held off longer before releasing it there still wouldn't have been any good 1st party games.

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TheThirdComing wrote:

pixelman wrote:

And yeah, I know about the resolution. I wish they had an option to turn off the blur filter or something. I tried playing them at their original resolution and they were waaaaaayyyyy too small.

That wouldn't work - It would require the 3DS' screen to be at least double the size of a normal DS' because some pixels would translate to 1 and some to 2 pixels if they did that.

Yeah, but that'd be preferable to a blurry game imho. I prefer clarity even if the game looks a little bit messier. ofc there's no way Nintendo's going to add that as an option.



love it. now i wait for the update and games <sight>

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Still waiting for games I care about and Netflix.

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I love the console itself, but the games I had gotten didnt last long at all. Need Resident Evil and Ocarina of Time plz?

Bwahahaha I am a fox 8D
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Just waiting for May and June

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One month later, I'm underwhelmed and it still lacks basic functionality like movie playback. No, I don't mean that video service they're talking about, I mean support for avi files and such.

Despite having multiple games, none of the ones I have much lasting value, save for Street Fighter which I can play on my 360/PS3. The built-in software is also quite lacking. I finished Street Pass quest in a number of days and the AR Cards/FaceRaiders/PuzzleQuest (look! it's 3D in your house! look! it's your friend's face on the 3D! look! you spent all those coins assembling a picture in 3D!) feel too gimmicky to warrant playing again.

The battery life is cringe-worthy from a company that went with lower quality graphics to preserve battery life back in the GameGear-GameBoy era. Now the 3DS battery is comparable to GameGear under some circumstances. 3D is very "meh" to me. It's essentially "HD" or "improved visuals" and I don't care for that when it comes to video games. In some cases, it's actually distracting. I can appreciate that some people enjoy it, however.

3DS has a very "been there, done that" feel, the built-in software is lacking basic multimedia functions that PSP had since 2005, and there's no reason to play DS games on it when I can use my DSi, DS, DS Lite, or DSiXL for a vastly supeior experience. It's no wonder the thing is isn't selling to Nintendo's standards...they just released a beta version on the market, essentially the DS 1.75. It's a bit worrisome that the most wanted 3DS games are OoT, StarFox64, and Mario Kart when the first two have been around for quite some time and Mario Kart will probably receive no radical new addition. At least there's new stuff on the horizon, but I'll probably have to wait past that May update.

In the meantime, I'll just go back to Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. I find it has more value than anything released on 3DS thus far, or the several remakes on the horizon.

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