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  • News EA Looking To Bring More Of Its Successful Games To Switch

    "it is absolutely a platform we're looking at"

    Less than a month ago, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said Switch owners chose to play the company's games on other platforms when asked about the possibility of The Sims coming to Nintendo's system. Unsurprisingly, this didn't go down well with owners of hybrid device. In an attempt to improve relations, EA's...

  • News EA CEO Defends Microtransactions, Says It’s "Actually Possible" To Do It Right

    A candid conversation

    Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recently sat down for his first interview “in a couple of years” with GameDaily.biz to discuss the company’s mistakes and accomplishments in recent times. He’s been at EA for 19 years, was the former head of EA Sports and has now led the global video game giant for the past six years...

  • Random Respawn's New Star Wars Title Is Inspired By Metroid And Dark Souls

    Role model games

    Yesterday, Electronic Arts kicked-off its E3 2019 celebrations with its 'EA Play' event and the gameplay reveal of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While it's already been confirmed the title won't be coming to Nintendo's hybrid system, there's still an interesting link this game has with one of the Japanese company's famous series...

  • News EA Laying Off Around 350 Employees Across Multiple Divisions

    "This is a difficult day"

    Video game publishing giant Electronic Arts is laying off around 350 employees across its marketing, publishing and operations divisions. In an email to employees, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the company had "a vision to be the world's greatest games company" and to do this, it would streamline its organisation to meet the...

  • Rumour Get That Pinch Of Salt Ready, Apparently Microsoft Is Preparing To Buy Electronic Arts

    Keep a straight face

    While the Switch and PlayStation 4 continue to sell robustly, over in the land of Xbox things aren't looking quite as rosy. Even the most ardent supporter of Microsoft's console hardware would admit that there's a serious shortage of quality first-party exclusive games on the machine right now and that's only going to hold the...

  • News EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" When It Comes To Nintendo And NX

    "We’ve had a tremendous relationship with them over the years"

    Electronic Arts is one of the industry's publishing veterans and has been known to make-or-break the fortunes of consoles in the past. The company threw its weight behind the Mega Drive / Genesis during the 16-bit era and helped Sega score a notable victory over Nintendo, but by the...

  • News The Force Is Strong In EA's New Star Wars Publishing Agreement

    But will Nintendo fans see any benefit?

    EA has signed up "exclusive" rights to Star Wars video games following the closure of LucasArts last month. The multi-year deal appears to cover original games, rather than those linked to the forthcoming movies. To confuse things further, Disney has retained the rights to certain mobile, online and tablet...

  • News Madden NFL Is Skipping Nintendo Systems For The First Time Since 1991

    "We have a strong partnership with Nintendo" claims EA

    Electronic Arts has revealed that Madden NFL 25 will not be making an appearance on the Wii U this year. The snub means that the series is skipping Nintendo systems entirely for the first time since 1991 — the year that saw the original John Madden Football arrive on the Super Nintendo. EA...

  • News Get Creative with EA's Creatively-Named Game "Create"

    Heading to Wii in November

    As consoles continue to become more and more powerful, they naturally need to draw that power from other sources. AA batteries, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and good ol' AC/DC are all valuable power sources, but EA is about to tap into a much bigger source: imagination. The company has just announced a new game...

  • News EA to Release NFL Training Game?

    To be used with yet another attachment...

    Not too long ago here at Nintendo Life, we reported the patent of an odd looking American Football peripheral. Well it appears that this strange contraption may come to market with a rumour that EA Sports are to announce an NFL training game this month. Unlike a traditional Madden game, it is said that NFL Trainer will be some kind of edutainment product..

  • News New Dead Space Extraction Shots Shuffle Into The Light

    EA's forthcoming horror-shooter shaping up to be a monster hit

    Nintendo might not have a high-profile presence at the happening-as-we-type GamesCOM in Cologne, but that doesn't mean other companies aren't willing to show off a little something to the seemingly always announcement-hungry Nintendo fandom, with EA having recently beamed a set of new Dead Space: Extraction screenshots over for your..

  • News Creator of Henry Hatsworth Had A Big Day

    Kyle Gray left his job at EA on his wedding day

    April 15 is a big, lurching deadline for many Americans: it's tax day! While half the country is left scrambling to file and avoid an audit, Henry Hatsworth creator Kyle Gray had other plans this year, like quitting his job and getting married. Kotaku writes that Gray, adorned in bowler hat and suit, left EA Tiburon behind that day after completing a..

  • News EA is Rewarded For Embracing The Wii

    Sales nearly doubled on last year's total

    When the Wii was released super-publisher EA caught a bit of flak for not giving the format the respect it deserved. Thankfully the company has changed its attitude and has been duly rewarded with a massive jump in sales. According to EA's financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2009, 14% of its overall revenue was generated by titles on..

  • News Peter Moore: "EA Needs To Do Better On Wii"

    Former Microsoft man comes clean about EA's poor Wii performance

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore has admitted to Eurogamer that his company isn't doing as well as it could be when it comes to the Nintendo Wii. Speaking in an exclusive interview with the UK-based website, Moore had this to say: I think we need to continue to work on the Wii. When I look at the attach rate on the Wii of our software to..

  • News Madden NFL 10 Wii to Showcase Stylized Look

    EA reveals new shots of its best-selling sports franchise

    After a few attempts to create next-gen visuals on the Wii, Electronic Arts has finally come to its senses and has given the latest version of Madden NFL a light-hearted visual sheen. The new shots show the unique caricatured players, which the developer promises will boast amusing animations and exaggerated movements. While some fans will..

  • News EA thrilled with MotionPlus

    The producer of Grand Slam Tennis at Giganto-Company EA had quite a bit to say on the subject of Nintendo's Remote-enhancer, and a quick whisper of new in-game characters too.

    Producer Tommy Singleton has the enviable honour of being in charge of one of the first MotionPlus-supported games (and the expectations that come with it), but quite luckily the add-on won him over from Day One; In certain..

  • News MySims Agents officially announced for Wii and DS

    Not at all like Ocean's Eleven: The Game.

    We brought you the first teaser of EA's forthcoming MySims Agents a few days ago, but now the game has officially gone public and the first few scant details have come to light. Billed as an "action-puzzler", MySims Agents sees you putting together a motley crew of hackers, stealthy thieves and other sneakily-skilled Sims to take down an evil..

  • News Peter Moore at MI6 Conference: Capturing the Wii Audience with Original Content

    Encouraging words from EA...do they finally get it?

    During the conference keynote address EA Sports head Peter Moore spoke about EA Sports' current philosophy towards the Wii stating that "You can't simply take what you're doing on the PS3 or Xbox 360 and port – that's a dirty word – down to the Wii." New titles like Grand Slam Tennis (EA's first tennis game) and the new Tiger Woods..

  • News New MySims Title Pops Up

    It looks as though Electronic Arts has another MySims title planned for this year.

    With MySims Party released last month on both the Wii and the DS and MySims Kart planned for release this summer, many thought that would be the last time we'd see the MySims this year. Surprisingly though, Electronic Arts has another title planned for this September. While details remain scarce, GameStop has added a..