Wii Virtual Console News


  • News Virtual Console Updates

    More games have recently been rated by the ESRB in America, signaling for Virtual Console release.

    The Entertainment Software Ratings Board have no doubt been very busy rating Nintendo's back catalog of games, its something that has to be done by law before the games can be made available on the download service. It's stated that the follow games...

  • News European Virtual Console Update

    The unique new system for Nintendo's Wii hardware aptly titled the "Virtual Console" will allow gamers to download a range of games from the Nintendo and SEGA back catalogue for a small price.

    Today the news broke of exactly what will be available for us European Wii gamers come the launch of the console on December 8th. Here is a rundown of what...


  • News Cube Games Region Locked On Wii

    Eurogamer's recently had the chance to speak to Nintendo UK about some more of the specifics relating to the region locking of the Wii.

    A nintendo spokesperson has told Eurogamer that the Wii will be region locked when playing GCN games. So if you imported your GCN games, you will have to get an imported Wii to play them. Nintendo also confirmed...


  • News Wii 'channels'

    Information about Wii's menus surface from Nintendo's press conference earlier today.

    Here's the info direct from Nintendo: The Wii™ console will revolutionize how people play games. But more importantly, it will entice new players into the world of video games by offering a variety of entertainment, information and communication Channels that add...


  • News Super Mario War

    Mutiplayer fan-made Mario game surfaces on Interweb site, 72dpiarmy.com

    The game which seems to be available for PC and Linux has also been published with its entire source code available for download. The creators claim that the game is in tribute to the great giant N in the sky, Nintendo. "Super Mario War is a Super Mario multiplayer game...

  • News Virtual Console Promo Image

    Kotaku folks have managed to get hold of a "Wii Promotional Image" depicting loads of Nintendo classics.

    Obviously we're not entirely sure if this image is actually official, but its certainly really really cool. "A reader, He Who Must Not Be Named, sent us a promotional image he somehow got his grubby hands on. It's a promotional illustration...


  • News When Old Becomes New

    Nintendo explain their strategy behind the Virtual Console and how it'll become a "new" platform for developers.

    Satoru Iwata has been explaining the concept behind the Virtual Console and Nintendo's alternative to the "single-minded approach of the industry at present". Whilst the Virtual Console acts as an instant library for all classic Nintendo...


  • News Revolution To Support External Hard Drive?

    CNNMoney.com report comments made by Iwata indicating the support of external hard drives in additional to SD cards.

    With recent news regarding Revolution's "Virtual Console" people have began to question what storage method the console will support. We're already aware that SD cards will be supported, its a very affordable solution and provides...

  • News No Classic Rare Games On Revolution?

    IGN.com editor reports that no Rare owned franchises will be available on Revolution's Virtual Console.

    IGN.com editor Matt Casamassina has posted an article on his blog, saying that both Microsoft and Rare employees have confirmed to him that certain Rare-owned franchises will not be appearing on the Virtual Console. "Well, here's something...