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  • News FreeLoader Disabled By Update

    People using Datel's FreeLoader boot disc will be in for a shock today, Nintendo's latest Wii firmware update renders it useless.

    IMPORTANT! - Compatibility with Wii Firmware 3.3x and higher Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control Wii Freeloader is not compatible with Wii firmware 3.3 and higher (released as an online update...

  • News UK Wii Importers Can Use Credit Cards Afterall

    All you have to do it set your country to "Brazil" and it'll accept your credit card details, excellent!

    As a UK-er who imported a Wii console, the only thing that didn't work straight out of the box was buying Wii Points via a credit card from within the Wii Shop channel, the solution was to simply buy the pre-paid ones and enter the number - which...

  • News Cube Games Region Locked On Wii

    Eurogamer's recently had the chance to speak to Nintendo UK about some more of the specifics relating to the region locking of the Wii.

    A nintendo spokesperson has told Eurogamer that the Wii will be region locked when playing GCN games. So if you imported your GCN games, you will have to get an imported Wii to play them. Nintendo also confirmed...