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  • Discuss What Next For The Nintendo 64?

    #N64Memories' Steven Smith asks the question

    Considering the Nintendo 64 is a twenty-year-old console, the title of this piece may seem odd. However, I personally think there is a potential future for the N64's hardware and software. We are currently in an important period for the console – 2016 and 2017 mark its twentieth birthday, depending on...

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  • News Here's Why SNES VC Games Can Only be Played on a New 3DS

    CPU seems to be the main problem

    One of the surprise announcements from the last Nintendo Direct was the revelation that SNES games would be playable on the New 3DS, with the famous "available after this presentation" line being delivered. While many fans were no doubt thrilled to see the classic 16-bit console's games being made available...