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  • News The SNES Classic Mini Uses the Same Hardware as the NES Mini

    It's all about the software

    The SNES Classic Mini is just days away, and we think it's pretty neat. It's as charming as one would expect, and does an impressive job of emulating its games - including some titles that were considered beyond the scope for the Wii, Wii U and New 3DS Virtual Console. An interesting quirk of the hardware, however, is...

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    Review Star Fox 2

    Every McCloud has a silver lining

    It's hard to believe that sat here in 2017, we're actually getting the chance to review Star Fox 2. The Super FX-powered SNES swan-song has gone down in gaming folklore as a perfect example of Nintendo's ruthless approach to the video game business. When faced with the possibility that it could be compared...

  • Hardware Review The SNES Classic Mini Is The Perfect Link To The Past

    Now you're playing with miniature power

    When the NES Classic Mini was first announced, it caused shockwaves in the world of Nintendo (and gave this very site one of its busiest days in terms of traffic, fact fans). The resultant stock shortages soured what was, in all honesty, a dream hardware release for the company. While Nintendo certainly wasn't...

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