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While Super Mario 3D World is most definitely a good time, those of you who have already experienced the game on Wii U will be most interested in the excellent Bowser's Fury expansion, which offers an open-world setting with Cat Shines to collect.

In this guide, we'll be showing you all of the Cat Shine locations in Bowser's Fury.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine Locations

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Gazing Down At Lava"

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Head to Mount Magmeow, and make your way to the top of the mountain. Once you're there, you'll spot an island floating around. Head to the second, shorter peak and the island will eventually drift close, allowing you to crawl up the side (make sure you've got the Cat suit on). The Cat Shine awaits!

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Spin, Scramble, Shine!"

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From the Risky Whisker Island archway, look to your right (in the direction of Mount Magmeow) and you'll spot a Cat Shine floating in the air. Close by is a cog that you can spin when wearing the cat suit. This causes a tower to rise up to meet the Cat Shine, but it's on a timer so you'll need to be quick.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Gazing Over The Falls"

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Near the Wasteland Giga Bell you'll spot a pile of Bowser blocks which, once destroyed, reveal a pipe. Enter the pipe and you'll see a series of flingers that you can use to make your way to the floating island which is home to a Cat Shine. Be warned, however – when you touch down on the floating island Mario's momentum will cause him to dash, which means you could end up running right off the edge of the island before you collect the Cat Shine. The way to avoid this is to press jump the second Mario's feet touch the ground, and it will break his dash.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "On The Floodgates Edge"

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This one is found behind Pipe Path Tower, at the end of a long, thin pathway that runs out in the sea. Use the Propellor boxes to make this one a little easier.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Footprint Free-For-All"

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On the Wasteland Giga Bell island, you'll see a purple button close to the edge. Ground-pound this and an arena will appear. Take out all of the enemies and a Cat Shine is yours for the taking.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Hurry! Slip To The Shine!"

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Once you've collected your first Cat Shine at Pipe Path Tower, a Plessie gate will appear just to the right of the archway. Swim through it (on Plessie's back, naturally) and a short course will magically appear, made up of floating platforms, with a Cat Shine at the end. You'll need to use the dash pads and your jumping skills to negotiate this one in under 20 seconds. If you fall into the water, you'll have to start all over again (this is where the 'warp' ability – gained after beating Fury Bowser totally and then returning to the game – comes in handy).

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Wasteland Rabbit Plays Tag"

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Near the Mount Magmeow archway, you'll be able to see a rabbit on an island. Hop on Plessie's back and swim towards it, at which point, it will run away. Catch the rabbit and a Cat Shine is yours.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Lost Kittens In The Wasteland"

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You'll find more missing kittens to rescue near the Wasteland Giga Bell. The mother is located right next to the Wasteland Giga Bell, surrounded by kittens – the catch here is that the only ones that are hers are the ones that share the same fur colouring. There are five to find, and, as before, wearing the Cat Mario suit helps as the kittens don't run away from you.

The first missing kitten is located on the Wasteland Giga Bell island, on the opposite side to where the mother cat is found.

The second kitten is found next to the Pipe Path Tower archway. You can't use the pipe to return to the Wasteland Giga Bell, so you'll have to carefully make your way up using the top of the pipe instead. Take your time, as falling into the water resets the position of the kitten.

The third kitten is located at the base of the Mount Magmeow lighthouse – use the pipe to make your way up. Once you've picked it up, leap off the side and use the switchboard to return to the Wasteland Giga Bell island.

There's another kitten sitting at the end of the jetty, right at the point where you first make landfall on Wasteland Giga Bell island.

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The final kitten is hidden well, in a cave under the collapsing walkway that leads to Risky Whisker Island. You use the large Question Mark blocks to climb back up – some of these are invisible.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Shining On A Hidden Isle"

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Next to Roiling Roller Isle, right in the bottom-left corner of the world map, you'll spot an island that is seemingly impossible to access. You'll need to wait for Fury Bowser to appear, hop on Plessie and use the ramps which rise from the water to reach it, and the Cat Shine it is home to.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Hurry! Climb The Falls!"

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About halfway between the Wasteland Giga Bell island and Roiling Roller Isle, there's a platform with a Cat Shine symbol on it. If you look over the waterfall into the sea below, you'll see a small island with the purple button. Drop down and ground-pound the button and a series of platforms will appear leading back up to the Cat Shine symbol. Complete the course in under 20 seconds and the Cat Shine is yours – make sure you're wearing the Cat suit and you can just climb right up the middle. Easy!

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Shoreside Rabbit Plays Tag"

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It's that pesky rabbit again. Head to the area near the Lakeside Giga Bell and you should see big ears waiting on an island. Chase him and the Cat Shine is yours.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Hurry! Dash And Dive!"

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Close to the "Shoreside Rabbit Plays Tag" Cat Shine, you'll spot another Plessie gate. Swim through it (whilst riding Plessie, of course) and you'll be given 20 seconds to dash through the cave and reach the Cat Shine at the end. Use 'Y' to dive under the gates and hit the speed pads.

You've found all of the 80 Cat Shines available prior to defeating Fury Bowser – once you've beaten him, you'll be returned to the game with an additional 20 Cat Shines to locate! First up, head back to Fur Step Island...

Wasteland Giga Bell Post-Game Shine Locations

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Toad Brigade: Hot Pursuit" (Post-Game)

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The following Cat Shine can only be obtained once you have completely defeated Fury Bowser.

Head to the summit of Mount Magmeow and look over the side – you'll see a member of the Toad Brigade being harrassed by a Conkdor. Take out the Conkdor and a Cat Shine is your reward.

Wasteland Giga Bell Shine "Plessie Medal Master" (Post-Game)

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The following Cat Shine can only be obtained once you have completely defeated Fury Bowser.

Head to Roiling Roller Isle and you'll spot another Plessie medal on the jetty. Collect it, and it will take you in the direction of the Wasteland Giga Bell island. You'll have to collect two of the medals on foot, but when the next one appears in the sea, just leap from the island and Plessie should be waiting for you below. Pick up the final medal and you'll earn yourself a Cat Shine.

You're almost there! Just the Lucky Isle Cat Shines to collect, and you've got all 100!