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While Super Mario 3D World is most definitely a good time, those of you who have already experienced the game on Wii U will be most interested in the excellent Bowser's Fury expansion, which offers an open-world setting with Cat Shines to collect.

In this guide, we'll be showing you all of the Cat Shine locations in Bowser's Fury.

Risky Whisker Island Shine Locations

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Risky Whisker Island Shine "Shadow Fury Hops To It"

Risky Whisker Island is located on the upper section of the map, which you'll need Plessie to access. When you walk through the gates of Risky Whisker Island, your first task will be to catch Dark Luigi (again). Because Risky Whisker Island is made up of collapsing platforms, this chase can be a little challenging – the platforms do reappear after a short time, but it's all too easy to accidentally fall through a gap if you're not careful, so watch your footing as you advance. Once you catch Dark Luigi, a Cat Shine is your reward.

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Risky Whisker Island Shine "Blast The Fury Blocks"

Once you collected your first Cat Shine on Risky Whisker island, the ink around the beach will move away, revealing the Bowser Blocks. As usual, wait for Bowser to go into his usual rage and the blocks will be destroyed, revealing the Cat Shine.

Risky Whisker Island Shine "Feasting On Fuzzies"

Leave Risky Whisker Island and return, and you'll find a potted Piranha plant just as you enter the gate. You'll also spot several Fuzzies floating around the platforms. Pick up the Piranha plant and use it to eat the Fuzzies. Once they're all gone, you'll get a Cat Shine. Don't worry if you fall off the platforms – the Fuzzies you've already consumed won't respawn, but the Piranha plants will. You'll also find another Piranha plant in the left-hand corner of the platform, should you need it.

Risky Whisker Island Shine "Cat Shine Shards"

You know the drill by now. Five Cat Shine Shards are dotted around Risky Whisker Island – collect them all and you'll get a complete Cat Shine.

The first is to your left as you enter the section with the collapsing platforms. You'll need to leap from the slightly elevated platforms to reach it.

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Heading in a clockwise direction, the second is just ahead of the first, floating in mid-air. In actual fact, it's sitting on an invisible platform, so it's easy enough to grab.

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Remain on the solid platform (which also has a Piranha plant on it) and spin the camera around slightly – you'll see a series of stepped platforms leading to another Cat Shine Shard.

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Drop down from the platform and land on the ones below before heading clockwise around the platforms – and you'll spot another one floating in mid-air. A simple jump, and it's yours.

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Keep moving around the platforms in a clockwise direction and you'll find another Cat Shine Shard.


Risky Whisker Island Shine "Hurry! Hop Behind The Wall!"

Leave the island and return. You'll notice a big button has appeared on the solid platform just in front of the island's archway. Ground pound this, and an obstacle course will appear with a Cat Shine at the end, hidden behind a wall.

You've got 20 seconds to make it to the end, but beware of the explosive footballs which appear – you can kick them just by running into them, but their explosive blast is deadly. When you reach the end of the course, it's handy to use the Fire Flower power-up as you can take out the enemy and hit the football at the wall without having to venture onto the collapsing platforms, which often fall away beneath you before you have chance to kick the balls into the wall.

Another island bites the dust! Pipe Path Tower is next on your list!