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While Super Mario 3D World is most definitely a good time, those of you who have already experienced the game on Wii U will be most interested in the excellent Bowser's Fury expansion, which offers an open-world setting with Cat Shines to collect.

In this guide, we'll be showing you all of the Cat Shine locations in Bowser's Fury.

Note that the Cat Shines listed below only appear in the post-game section, after you've completely defeated Fury Bowser. Despite besting the big baddie, he returns in the post-game, which is handy as the following Cat Shines only appear when he's active. The island appears randomly at five locations around the map and is packed with Cat Shines, but collecting just once causes Bowser to retreat and the island to vanish, so you'll need to wait for Bowser to wake up five times to bag them all.

Listed below are the five locations Lucky Isle spawns when Bowser wakes up.

Lucky Isle Shine Locations

Lucky Isle Shine Location - Pipe Path Tower

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One location where Lucky Isle appears is close to the wall that is connected to Pipe Path Tower. Use Plessie to make the jump.

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Lucky Isle Shine Location - Trickity Tower

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This is another potential location for Lucky Isle. You'll need to make use of a Propellor box to work your way to the top of the small tower and jump across to the island.

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Lucky Isle Shine Location - Pounce Bounce Isle

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Pounce Bounce Isle is another location where Lucky Isle pops up. Just climb up the island to the platform which Lucky Isle is next to – it's pretty easy to grab a Cat Shine from here.

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Lucky Isle Shine Location - Slipskate Slope

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Lucky Isle can also appear at Slipskate Slope. Just take the pipe cannon from the island below Slipskate Slope and you'll find Lucky Isle on your left. Easy!

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Lucky Isle Shine Location - Roiling Roller Isle

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Roiling Roller Isle is another Lucky Isle spawn point. You can find it at the very start of the course, next to where the Bob-omb spawns. It's wise to have a Tanooki suit on, as you can float over the gap to reach the island – there are two Question Mark blocks nearby which each contain the suit.

I've Collected All 100 Cat Shines! What's Next?

Once you've collected all 100 Cat Shines, you can face Bowser for the true final battle! Wait for Fury Bowser to wake again, and then head to a Giga Bell to transform yourself.

The section where you ride on Plessie is even harder this time, but, once you beat Fury Bowser, you'll be rewarded with a special costume – just like the one you wear when you're in Giga form! It doesn't do anything special, apart from look nice. Oh, and Fury Bowser doesn't return after that final battle, so you can explore the world without distraction.

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