Storage Sheds
Image: Nintendo Life

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons' update 2.0 was announced, many of us had the same thought: Oh no. My island is a mess. And there's no room for a farm... The thought of having to reorganise all that space, re-d0 all the terraforming, move around a bunch of objects — well, it put some of us off.

Thank Nookness that the storage shed exists, then! And not one, but two storage sheds! These handy pieces of outdoor furniture connect back to your home storage, so you can dump whatever is in your pockets without having to trek back to your house.

Here's how to find, purchase, and use the new storage sheds.

Animal Crossing Storage Shed Guide

How to buy storage sheds

Both storage sheds can be bought with Nook Miles, so head to Resident Services first. It's not clear exactly when the storage shed becomes available for redemption, but we'll update this guide when we know.

The wooden storage shed — a 1x1 tall shed that can be customised, for the cost of 7 customisation kits — costs 6,000 Nook Miles for the recipe, and 8 wood to build. Make sure to learn the recipe from your inventory after getting it!

The other storage shed is wider, and comes in different colours (like black, white, pink, and so on) and also costs 6,000 Nook Miles, but you'll only get the one. It also costs 7 customisation kits to change the storage shed, but

How to use storage sheds

Storage Sheds
Image: Nintendo Life

Easy: You walk up to it and press A! You'll get the option to "put something away" or "get something out", and you'll have full access to your home storage inventory.

With the new update, you'll also be able to store DIY recipes!

Where should I put them?

Storage Sheds
Image: Nintendo Life

We've got one outside our shops, so we can easily buy and sell stuff that we don't immediately need. Other good places include near the pier and/or airport (for easy friend gifting, and emptying your pockets before a trip), near your house, and just putting one down temporarily for cleaning up.

Remember: you can carry them around in your pockets, and put them down for immediate access to your home storage.

And a small decorating tip: The wooden storage shed in different colours looks a lot like beach huts!

Can I use storage sheds on mystery islands?

Sadly, no. You can't put down a storage shed on mystery islands, Kapp'n's island, Harv's island, or the Happy Home Paradise islands. It might be magical, but it's not that magical.

Go forth and enjoy a better, more efficient storage!

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