Three Seasons
Image: Nintendo Life

You might be annoyed when shops start to put up all their Christmas gear in mid-September (or even earlier — we saw baubles in August this year), but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we can't wait for the snow to start. But when will it happen? Check out all the dates below.


Northern Hemisphere: February 25th — May 31st
Southern Hemisphere: August 25th — November 30th


Northern Hemisphere: June 1st — August 31st
Southern Hemisphere: December 1st — February 28th


Northern Hemisphere: September 1st — November 25th
Southern Hemisphere: March 1st — May 25th


Northern Hemisphere: November 26th — February 24th
Southern Hemisphere:
May 26 — August 24

Seasons Questions

What about leap years?

We haven't had a leap year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet — the last one was just three weeks before the game came out — but traditionally, the day has been treated as a special event in the game called "Leap Day". It is usually rolled into Spring. The next leap year is 2024, by the way!

Can I time travel? How does it work?

Unfortunately, no — Nintendo changed it so that most (but not all) seasonal events check the actual time, preventing players from spoiling events ahead of time. Smaller events, like the Animal Crossing-themed take on Black Friday, can be accessed via time travelling.

What exact time does the season change?

The game considers the start of a next day to be 5 AM, so the seasons will change at around 4:59 AM wherever you are.

What are the seasonal fish/bugs/sea creatures?

Check our big guides for fish, bugs, and sea creatures here, and also our seasonal guide which tells you about the critters each month.

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