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Oh, hello there! Welcome to my wonderful study. My name is Professor Reactions, and I have a PhD in Reactions. Talk about nominative determinism, am I right?

Anyway, I know why you're all here: To learn about the 11 new reactions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons' update 2.0, where to find them, and how to access them. Well, come on in and let's check out all the new emotions we can have!

Reactions In Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0

How do I get the new Reactions?

Head to the Resident Services building and access the Nook Stop machine, and you'll find the new Reactions listed for 3,300 Nook Miles. You'll instantly learn them upon purchase!

How do I use Reactions?

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Just press ZR (the right trigger button) and you'll bring up your Reactions wheel. You can remove and assign your favourite Reactions on this quick-access menu by pressing X, or you can press Y to see all the Reactions you've unlocked so far. Your new ones should be at the end of the list — just navigate over to them and press Y to try them out without closing the menu, A to use them and close the menu.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Reactions List

Double Wave

A single wave is so passé, don't you think? Sure, it's a universally-recognised sign of greeting, but a double wave conveys so much more enthusiasm. Do note that if you use this reaction with something in your hand, you will default back to a single wave — and that just won't do, so put everything away before double waving!


You know the feeling of sitting down, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for four consecutive hours, and then standing up and feeling like your bones are made of concrete and your muscles are made of week-old steak? Well, so do your ACNH characters. Now you can let them stretch it out. Doesn't that feel better?


Want to join in with your villagers when they boogie in the plaza? Jammin' is your jam: a low-key, gentle bop that certainly won't get you hired on Strictly Come Dancing, but also won't get you kicked out of the club for indecent moves. It's a very "shy dad at a wedding" kind of dance, which, for some of us, is the only kind of dance.

Listening Ears

If you have children, you may know "listening ears", a gesture that many teachers make in the classroom to get the kids to pay attention. It's supposed to bring the children around to the idea that active listening is just as valuable as talking! However, it's also just a good way of indicating in the game that you're either listening to music, or listening to a person.

Say Cheese

We all know that our Animal Crossing characters cannot talk, so "say cheese" is more of a... "put arms out excitedly" sort of thing. This one, I have to say, is excellent for celebratory photos. In fact, you'll see it in a few of the guides on this site!


This one gets a lot of use in the Happy Home Paradise expansion, as your character will use it when they finish decorating a house. It's supposed to say, "here you go!" with a gentle flourish of the arm, but it reads a little sarcastic, if you ask me. "Behold," it says. "Here is how much I care about the thing you just said." Use with caution!


If you wish to express your excitement and/or willingness to do something, the Eager reaction is the way to go. It's subtle, but effective; although your character has no fingers, you can just tell that they're clutching their fists in preparation for ADVENTURE.


Granted, all Animal Crossing characters are generally on the soft and tubby side, but that doesn't mean they aren't strong. After all, would a weak person be able to push entire bookcases around a room? Show off your beefiness by using the Flex reaction, which will cycle through three different angry bodybuilder poses. Again... use with caution. You might make someone swoon.

Work It

You're a model, darling! Yes! Give me hips! Give me eyes! Work that camera! Those are all the kinds of things that the Work It reaction brings to mind, as your character runs through six different poses, ready for taking photos.

Act Natural

I'll admit... this one is quite similar to Work It! Apparently, in Animal Crossing world, acting natural is all about posing, and this reaction comes with six different "natural" poses. Your character can look like they're walking, getting distracted by something, or skipping through town, giving you lots of options for photoshoots around your island!


Finally, in keeping with the tropical vibe of Happy Home Paradise, you can Hula, which you'll sometimes find villagers doing on the beach. Why not pop on a grass skirt and join in? There's nothing more relaxing than slowly swaying from side to side on a sunny day!

That's all 11 new reactions available to you, so go throw some of them at your villagers and see how they react!

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