Ankha is a fan of the King Tut Mask
Image: Austin Voigt / 2020

With the second summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that good old tripping mechanic from games past was added once again. In addition, a mysterious (and ominous) accessory was also reintroduced for crafting...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Tripping and King Tut Mask Guide

Mechanics such as tripping and experiencing bad luck while wearing a particularly cursed mask are some of the easter eggs that make the Animal Crossing games as enjoyable as they are. Read on to see how you can experience them for yourself.

Holding a balloon while wearing the King Tut Mask isn't a good idea...
Image: Austin Voigt / 2020

What causes tripping in Animal Crossing? Why did I fall?

Though it's a little less common in New Horizons than it had been in previous entries to the series (it was usually related to bad luck predicted by Katrina, or slippery ground after the rain), you can almost guarantee a good fall every few seconds if you run around wearing a fancy King Tut Mask, which is now easily craftable. Additionally, it appears that tripping is also more common while holding a balloon, sans mask.

To avoid tripping, simply make sure you slow down and walk places rather than run. Funnily enough, this advice applies to both the game and real life... maybe Nintendo is trying to tell us something?

What is the King Tut Mask and how do you find it?

The King Tut Mask has been a staple of the Animal Crossing games since Wild World, and is part of the "Egyptian Look" that Ankha is famous for donning. In New Horizons, players will discover the recipe to craft this accessory the first time they hit a rock, discover a gold nugget and pick it up (post-update).

To craft the King Tut Mask, you'll simply need five gold nuggets (an easy feat - but if you require assistance, we've got a few tips).

Once you place the mask on your head, you'll notice an ominous noise - almost as if your luck has made a turn for the worse (again - luck is not yet a system in New Horizons, but this may be foreshadowing).

What happens when you trip?

Although tripping is rare (when you're not wearing the King Tut Mask, that is), if your character is holding a balloon at the time, a trip will cause you to lose said accessory immediately.

Balloons were also a new addition in update 1.4 — with five different colors in total (blue, red, yellow, green and pink). They can be acquired at the summer Fireworks Shows, or in the cupboard at Nook's Cranny — which is good, considering one good trip will immediately lose you that accessory.

Additionally, when you trip, any villagers nearby who witness your clumsiness will display the "shocked" reaction — and then quickly go back about their business, likely out of embarrassment for you.

Watch your step!

Have you acquired the King Tut Mask? How many balloon casualties have occurred so far? Do you think these updates are a sign of future expanded luck system additions to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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