Cherry Blossom Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Nintendo Life

At the start of April many of the trees on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island turn a beautiful pink hue and cherry-blossom petals begin lilting around on the breeze. That's because cherry blossom season arrives each year from 1st - 10th April (running concurrently with the Bunny Day event).

You can collect this cherry blossom falling from the trees with your bug-catching net ready to use for... something. Just what are the cherry blossom leaves used for, then?

Well, cherry blossom petals are a crafting material used to build a set of seasonal cherry blossom furniture. Below we've assembled a table of every piece of craftable cherry blossom furniture we've encountered so far, as well as the materials you'll need according to the DIY recipes.

We'll update this table if we encounter any more cherry-blossom items.

Cherry-blossom Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Nintendo Life

How do I get the cherry blossom furniture items DIY recipes?

You get the DIY recipes for the cherry-blossom items randomly from balloons that float over your island, although not the multicoloured ones associated with Bunny Day.

Balloons are easy to spot by the breezy whistling sound they make as they float overhead and can be shot down using a slingshot. They spawn every 5 minutes or so (minutes that end in a 4 or a 9, in fact), so keep and eye (and an ear) out for them.

Not that one
Not these bloody balloons. — Image: Nintendo Life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cherry-blossom item list

Here's a full list of all the craftable cherry-blossom items available in the game.

Cherry-blossom item DIY Recipe material needed
Blossom-viewing Lantern 6x Cherry-blossom Petals, 4x Hardwood
Cherry-blossom Bonsai

6x Cherry-blossom Petals, 2x Hardwood, 3x Clumps of Weeds, 3x Clay

Cherry-blossom Branches 8x Cherry-blossom Petals, 4x Tree Branches, 4x Clay
Cherry-blossom Clock

5x Cherry-blossom Petals, 1x Iron Nugget

Cherry-blossom Flooring 10x Cherry-blossom Petals, 20 Clumps of Weeds
Cherry-blossom Petal Pile 5x Cherry-blossom Petals
Cherry-blossom Pochette 6x Cherry-blossom Petals
Cherry-blossom Pond Stone 10x Stone, 3x Cherry-blossom Petals
Cherry Blossom Trees Wall 10x Cherry-blossom Petals, 5x Hardwood
Cherry-blossom Umbrella 7x Cherry-blossom Petals
Cherry-blossom Wand 3x Cherry-blossom Petals, 3x Star Fragment
Outdoor Picnic Set 10x Cherry-blossom Petals
Sakura-wood Flooring 5x Cherry-blossom Petals, 10x Wood
Sakura-wood Wall 5x Cherry-blossom Petals, 10x Wood

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