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Having fun with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC? Or are you seeing other people's designs and thinking, "when do I get to do that?"

In this Happy Home Paradise unlock guide we'll detail how and when you unlock everything in Happy Home Paradise!

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How to unlock everything in Happy Home Paradise

Below is a table containing all Happy Home Paradise unlocks we know about so far. This list is a work-in-progress — we'll be updating it with fresh information as soon as we know.

Number of Vacation
Homes Completed
Unlocked Feature Unlock Specifics
2 Photographs

Happy Home Network app
You can now photograph houses and add them to the Happy Home Network app.
3 Pro Decorating License You'll receive the Pro Decorating License for free, which will trigger a "refund" in Nook Miles if you have already bought it.
4 Polishing Niko teaches you the polishing technique at the end of your fourth design.
5 Crafting DIYs

Glowing Moss/DIY recipe

DIY recipe bottles

Storage access
Bottles with DIYs will start appearing on the Happy Home Paradise beaches, and Niko will also give you a random vine or moss recipe.

You also now have access to your home storage on the second floor of the Happy Home office!
6 Promotion

New uniform options

Different room sizes School Facility

DIY workbench


More uniform options
Talk to Lottie after your 4th home design to trigger the school quest. When you build the school, after your 6th home design, you get the ability to resize rooms (and 25,000 Poki for the school!).

Your pay increases from 6,000 to 9,000 Poki per job, and you'll get more uniform options.

You also now have access to the DIY workbench on the second floor of the office.
7 amiibo Scanner Lottie will tell you about the amiibo reader on her desk. You can now scan your amiibo cards to invite villagers to your Happy Home Paradise island (does not include special NPCs).
8 Partition walls

Partition wall DIY
Niko will teach you the partition wall DIY after 8 home designs, and will add the wall to your catalogue.
10 Celebration Lottie, Wardell, and Niko will celebrate your first ten designs with a low-key party upstairs.
11 Promotion

More uniform options

Poki debt
After your 11th design, you'll be promoted again, with more options for your work uniform.

You can also now "pay later" for a single item in Wardell's Poki shop — but you have to pay it off in full before you can use it on another item.
12 Café Facility

Restaurant Facility

Polish Effects

The full list of polish effects, as well as the ability to create custom effects, is now unlocked — Niko will teach you them after you finish the 12th design.

You can now choose whether to make a café or a restaurant, with the choice you don't make becoming available later — you'll earn 25,000 Poki for either one. Both will sell food daily, and the restaurant also gives you a recipe each day. You can find clients in the café and restaurant on top of the ones that appear on the beach.

Don't worry about which to do first — you'll get to make the other one immediately afterwards!

Niko will teach you how to edit the lighting of a house to make it dimmer or change the colour!
13 Happy Home Network app (Nintendo Switch Online only) Like the Dream Addresses, you can now visit other players' Happy Home Designs through an app on your NookPhone, which Lottie will download for you. Don't forget to upload your own designs, too!

(Only available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers)
15 DIY furniture in vacation homes


Talk to Niko to unlock DIY furniture in your home designs — but only for DIYs that you have made at least once.

Niko will also figure out how to make counters and pillars after the 15th design, so speak to him the next day and he'll give you a lesson!
16 Roommates A villager will come to you looking to share their residence, which is the sign that you've unlocked roommates. After completing this roommate job, you can offer them to other clients!
17 Soundscapes (wave one) After 17 home designs, Wardell disappears from the office, and you need to go talk to him at the beach. You'll unlock the first eight soundscapes after speaking with him — check out our guide to see which ones you unlock first.
18 Second floors Lottie will tell you that you can add second floors to your homes now, which will appear as a choice when you're speaking to the client about their design pitch.
19 Promotion

Special NPC invites

Propose your own designs

Niko's material requests
Your pay increases from 12,000 Poki to 15,000 Poki, and more uniform options are added.

Niko will start requesting materials in the box upstairs, and donating the required items will unlock new recipes for counters and pillars.

You can now use the amiibo reader to invite special characters, like Digby, Celeste, Niko, and Tom Nook, to your Happy Home Paradise.

You can also propose your own designs to villagers instead of keeping to whatever terrible pitch they give you!
20 Celebration Another party to commemorate your 20th house design!
22 Hospital quest beginning

Nigirizushi DIY recipe

Lottie gets sick, and you get a sushi DIY. This is also the start of the Hospital quest!
23 Poki ABD Wondering what the exchange rate between Poki and Bells is? Well, after 23 designs (and a day's wait) you can unlock the ABD, which allows you to exchange your Poki for Bells and vice-versa. The exchange rate changes every day, and you can only change 15,000 Poki maximum every day.
24 Hospital Facility You can now built a hospital, which houses a couple of special NPCs, notably Joan (from New Leaf!) who will give you free turnips. You'll earn 25,000 Poki, too.
25 Soundscapes (wave two) You'll unlock the second round of soundscapes after hanging out with Wardell on his break again!
27 Full access to your Nook Shopping Catalogue You can now decorate houses using EVERYTHING in your Nook Shopping catalogue.
30 Celebration

Apparel Shop Facility

Renovate villager homes on your island

DJ K.K. concert

New reactions

Another celebration, this time to commemorate your 30th house design, with Lottie, Niko, and Wardell.

You can now build an apparel shop on the Happy Home Paradise island. It actually sells clothing every day!

DJ K.K. will visit to give you a concert on the beach, and you'll learn new dance reactions.

And, finally, you'll get the ability to remodel your own villagers' homes, both inside AND outside.

This is "the end" of Happy Home Paradise — but there's still plenty more to do!
33 Room Sketch app Talk to Wardell on his break, and the next day you will get the Room Sketch app when you enter the Happy Home Paradise office. The Room Sketch app lets you "practice" your designs wherever you are, and you can then just plop them into a home design later on!
35 Soundscapes (wave three) The third and final wave of soundscapes arrives after 35 house designs — just speak to Wardell again!

We'll be updating this guide as we find out more, but there are tons more features to unlock after 30 houses, including:

  • Donating to the hospital to create a patient ward
  • Unlocking a second "VIP" floor for the restaurant
  • Unlocking a second gallery floor for the café
  • New parties for milestones
  • Wardell sends you items

Wardell's Poki shop

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Wardell's Poki shop is separate to the number of houses you've built — his features will unlock as you buy more items and speak to him.

Spend 200,000+ Poki to get Wardell's catalogue — buy any item (with Poki) that you've unlocked through designing homes

Wardell will call you "friend" after a while, too!

Now, go forth and enjoy all these new design features! And let us know your decorating tips in the comments below.

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