Times Of Day

Your gorgeous Animal Crossing: New Horizons vacation home designs are beautiful to look at, but don't you think they're just missing that certain je ne sais quoi?

The new Happy Home Paradise DLC adds the option to change the weather, season, and time of day that your vacation homes are in, so you can have a cosy, rainy, night-time winter cabin, a gorgeous outdoor spa at sunset, or a gym that's permanently stuck in a spring sunrise for that early workout feeling.

Here's how to unlock and use the feature!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise - How to Change The Time Of Day

When do the seasons, weather, and time of day features unlock?

All three features unlock early — you'll be able to edit the outdoor conditions from the second home design in Happy Home Paradise.

How do I change the season?

There are two ways to change the season of a vacation home location.

When you're choosing the location, you can press X to see a preview of what it'll look like, with one particular season being "recommended" for the general vibe of the area.

When you've chosen the location, you can still change the season. Make sure you're outside, and then press left on the D-Pad to open up the seasons menu. From there, you can try them all out!

Spring will change the trees to cherry-blossom trees, Autumn (or Fall) will change the trees to orange and red leaves, and Winter adds snow to everything. In Summer and Spring, there will also be butterflies flying around flowers and bushes.

How do I change the weather and time of day?

When you're outside the client's vacation home, press up on the D-Pad to open the menu for time and weather.

The top slider is the time of day, which starts at midnight and goes through all 24 hours to midnight again. You can choose from various shades of night, through sunrise, early morning, midday, afternoon, dusk, sunset, and evening. The times of day look different in different seasons, too.

The bottom boxes give you weather options — sunny, or rainy (which becomes snow in winter).

Hopefully this gives you plenty of options to play around with — by our count, it's 4 seasons, two weathers, and 24 times of day, which is a total of 192 permutations to choose from!

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