Harv's Fencing
Image: Nintendo Life

New characters? Farming? Cooking? Who cares!! The Animal Crossing: New Horizons update adds customisable fences, and you're presumably on this page because you're excited about it, too.

But how do you customise a fence, exactly? The process is quite simple.

Animal Crossing Fences Guide

Step One: Grab your fence!

Grab the fence you want to customise - up to 100 at once. Fun fact: you use the same number of customisation kits each time, regardless of how many you customise - as long as it's all the same selection! Save kits and customise as many as you can at once.

Step Two: Take it to a DIY table!

If you don't have one in your house or on your island, you can use the one in the Resident Services building, or any that may be in your neighbours' homes.

Step Three: Use materials to change the colour!

Multi-coloured fences are not connectable in the 2.0 update
Image: Austin Voigt / 2021

Simply use customisation kits to change the colors of many of the fence types available! Unfortunately, multi-coloured fences are not an option: placing two pieces of fencing next to each other that are not the same colour will not connect. Dang.

You'll be able to customise fences as soon as you buy them, including the ones that you already have in your town! Below is a complete list of all fences and customisations now available with the 2.0 update:

Fence Image Fence Name Customisations
Simple Wooden Fencing
Simple Wooden Fence Natural, White, Brown, Black, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple
Block Fencing
Image: Nintendo
Block Fence


Spiky Fence
Spiky Fence none
Frozen Fencing
Image: Nintendo
Frozen Fence


Bamboo Lattice Fence
Bamboo Lattice Fence none
Park Fencing
Park Fence Blue, Red, Yellow, Lime, Pink, Red & Yellow, Pink & Blue, Orange & Green
Large Lattice Fencing
Image: Nintendo
Large Lattice Fence


Log Wall Fencing
Image: Nintendo
Log-Wall Fence none
Green Bamboo Fencing
Image: Nintendo
Green Bamboo Fence


Corrugated Iron Fencing
Corrugated Iron Fence Gray, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, White, Black, Brown
Bamboo Slats Fencing
Image: Nintendo
Bamboo Slats Fence


Iron and Stone Fence
Iron-and-Stone Fence none
Harv's Fencing
Image: Nintendo Life
Log Fence (Harv's Fence) TBD
Corral Fence
Corral Fence none
Vertical-Board Fencing
Vertical-Board Fence Natural, White, Black, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple
Country Fence
Country Fence none
Brick Fence
Brick Fence none
Imperial Fence
Imperial Fence none
Lattice Fence
Lattice Fence Natural, White, Black, Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple
Stone Fence
Stone Fence none
Zen Fence
Zen Fence Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Beige, Green, Purple
Rope Fence
Rope Fence none
Iron Fence
Iron Fence Light Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White, Black
Straw Fence
Straw Fence none
Wedding Fence
Wedding Fence White, Pink, Mint, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple, Black
Hedge none
Mermaid Fence
Mermaid Fence none
Spooky Fence
Spooky Fence none
Bunny Fence
Bunny Day Fence TBD

Have you discovered any other new fences or customisations available in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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