Toy Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: Nintendo

Christmas is just one of the many annual events celebrated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, appropriately branded in-game as 'Toy Day'.

In this guide we'll take you through everything you need to know about the Toy Day event and returning character Jingle.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Toy Day Christmas Event Guide

Toy Day Christmas Event Times

Toy Day festivities will occur on December 24th — Christmas eve — beginning at 5am, and run for a full 24 hours. Special Toy Day-themed music will also be heard playing on your island — another clue the holiday is underway.

How to Find Jingle

At the time of the event, Jingle the reindeer can be found outside Resident Services, along with his bag of toys and goodies. There, he'll be awaiting your assistance in crafting festive wrapping paper and handing out gifts from Santa to the other villagers.

Jingle the Reindeer on Toy Day
Image: Nintendo

Everything You Can Do On Christmas and Toy Day

Below is a complete list of all of the activities you can take part in on Toy Day. Scroll down in the article for more specific details on each activity:

  • Find Jingle in front of Resident Services on December 24th
  • Unlock the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY recipe from Jingle
  • Craft 3 of the Festive Wrapping Paper items and give them to Jingle
  • Obtain Toy Day Stockings to hang in your home
  • Obtain Jingle's Magic Bag of presents
  • Visit each of your neighbors, both inside and outside of their homes, to give them their presents from the Magic Bag
  • Obtain a reward (Gift Pile) from Jingle after delivering a majority of the presents
  • Obtain a second reward from Jingle (Santa's Sleigh) after handing out all of the presents
  • Exchange wrapped personal gifts with your neighbors afterwards to receive more color variations of the Christmas Toy Day items from Nook's Cranny
  • Hang up your Toy Day stockings in your home that evening on 24th December, and check them the morning of the 25th to receive Jingle's Photo

How to Craft Festive Wrapping Paper for Jingle

On Toy Day, Jingle first requests your assistance in crafting some festive wrapping paper for Santa's presents. He will present you with the DIY recipe for the Festive Wrapping Paper, and request that you craft 3 pieces for him.

To craft each piece of festive wrapping paper, you'll need one of each of the different colors of ornaments, which can be shaken down from the decorated cedar trees.

After you craft the wrapping paper and present it to Jingle, he'll give you a set of Toy Day Stockings, which can be hung on the wall in your house. Be sure to do so that evening, so that you can check them on the morning of the 25th and receive Jingle's Photo!

In addition, Jingle will request your assistance in handing out Santa's presents to the island residents, after which he'll bestow upon you a Magic Bag, containing presents for each of your neighbors.

Magic Bag from Jingle
Image: Austin Voigt

Giving Christmas Gifts to Villagers from Santa With Magic Bag

Unlike in previous games, on Toy Day in New Horizons, a present will be given to your neighbors from the Magic Bag automatically when you speak to them — no need to keep a list of hints or track down the items they'd like.

Gifts will automatically be selected for villagers
Image: Austin Voigt

If the villager has a high friendship level with you, they'll sometimes give you a gift in return! It will often be a different color variation of the toys you can obtain in Nook's Cranny (see "Festive Toys for Sale at Nook's Cranny" list below).

Although it isn't a requirement to wear a Santa outfit from the Able Sisters — as it was in previous games — by doing so, you'll get some cute reactions from your neighbors.

Additionally, you can check how many presents you have left to hand out by clicking on the Magic Bag in your inventory. Don't forget to speak to Jingle both when you've handed out a majority of your gifts, and after handing them all out, for some special rewards!

Giving Personal Gifts to Villagers After Handing Out Presents

After handing out all of the gifts from Santa, you'll be able to exchange personal gifts with villagers. Be sure to wrap each item in wrapping paper (they'll give you some if you don't have any).

In exchange, they'll give you different color variations of the toys that have been obtainable in Nook's Cranny throughout December (see "Festive Toys for Sale at Nook's Cranny" list below).

Christmas Toy Day Set Items

Below are all of the items you can obtain while participating in Toy Day activities:

Item Image Item Name How to Obtain
Gift Pile
Gift Pile Delivering a majority of gifts and speaking to Jingle
Toy Day Sleigh
Toy Day Sleigh Delivering all gifts and speaking to Jingle
Festive Wrapping Paper
Red Wrapping Paper Speaking to villagers and trying to exchange personal gifts with them without any wrapped presents in your inventory
Photo Of Jingle
Jingle's Photo Hanging your Toy Day Stockings on the wall in your house on Christmas Eve, and checking them on the morning of the 25th

Festive Toys for Sale at Nook's Cranny

In addition to the Toy Day items you can receive, below is a complete list of all festive toy items available for purchase at Nook's Cranny throughout December. Note that while there are many color variants of all of the toys, your island's Nook's Cranny will only carry one set of variants — be sure to exchange with your friends to collect them all!

Item Image Item Name Color Variants
Dinosaur Toy
Dinosaur Toy Gray, Brown, Green, Blue, Red
Dollhouse Red, Brown, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple
Kids' Tent
Kids' Tent White, Pink, Black, Stripes, Floral, Blue, Brown, Colorful
Mini Circuit
Mini Circuit Red & White, Blue & Yellow, Black & Silver, Pink & Purple
Pop-Up Book
Pop-Up Book The Ocean Blue, The Mesozoic World, Savannah, Flowers
Puppy Plushie
Puppy Plushie Beige, Red, Lemon & White, Spotted, Black, Tricolored, Gray & White, Pink
RC Helicopter
RC Helicopter Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Light Blue, Purple
Tin Robot
Tin Robot Silver, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black

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